Top Fortune 500 Bank Selects BryterCX’s Industry-Leading Journey Management Solution

BryterCX, a tech innovator providing advanced customer journey management solutions, announced that it has secured one of the largest U.S. banks as a client this month. The bank competitively selected BryterCX due to its 17 years of deep expertise helping similar companies improve their CX. This deal further solidifies BryterCX’s position as the leading provider of customer journey management to the banking and financial services industry.

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“With BryterCX, your data becomes a secret weapon and a business driver. We’ve helped companies go from disparate, disconnected, and overcomplicated journey solutions to a holistic view of the customer journey. This enables rapid and informed decision-making to improve CX and business outcomes. With how much the banking sector is changing, you can’t afford not to have the capabilities we provide,” says David Lambert, BryterCX Chief Revenue Officer.

“By enabling near real-time insights, our technology opens up a range of opportunities. Our AI capabilities help you know where to look for important insights and friction. You can then make changes to your customer journeys and monitor and adjust without the need for teams of analysts. The power is ultimately in the business user’s hands, giving leaders the capacity for rapid decision making and ROI tracking,” says Mike Flynn, BryterCX Chief Product Officer.

“We are thrilled that this leading bank has chosen BryterCX as a critical partner to accelerate its CX efforts. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies need to be able to efficiently unlock data insights so they can create better human experiences. This is where we come in, “ says Mike Torto, BryterCX CEO.

As a partner to leading companies across banking and financial services, BryterCX provides the analytical firepower to optimize journeys, helping clients solve complex problems in order to increase operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Not only that, clients experience over a 300% ROI on their investment according to a study by Forrester Research.

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