Ubisoft Enables Millions of Gamers to Create and Share Personalized Videos Summarizing Five Years of Game Playing Powered by Idomoo

Ubisoft recently released Ubisoft Connect, the biggest-ever overhaul of its ecosystem of player services. The company kicked-off this new adventure with players by celebrating their Ubisoft Journey with personalized Wrap-Up videos and infographics, using their statistics from the last five years of play.

Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up videos and infographics empower millions of gamers to share videos summarizing five years of game playing accomplishments powered by Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS™) platform.

The Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up personalized videos support 30+ games running in 11 languages, include 40,000 personalized video scene combinations, and are generated in real-time in less than two seconds.

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“Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up has been a real success to offer immersive and unique stories to each of our players. With our creative agency Biborg, we have managed to create compelling visuals and content to deliver engaging narratives. And Idomoo’s technology has enabled us to achieve a high level of personalization with real-time rendering and cinematic quality” said Marianne Loraud, Group Manager – Online Services and Loyalty, Ubisoft. “Thousands of players have already shared their personalized Wrap-Ups on social media, thanking Ubisoft for the great memories and the friends they made through gaming. This Wrap-Up video, powered by Idomoo’s technology, was a great gift to celebrate our community and their engagement with Ubisoft games throughout the years!”

The power of the community is critical for so many companies today. Idomoo’s personalized videos have a proven track record of increasing user engagement and sharing exponentially, resulting in happy and active users as well as increased KPIs including sign-ups. Another gaming company working with Idomoo to create personalized videos generated 750,000+ sign-ups from fans who wanted to receive their video the following season, resulting in a direct and significant ROI for the company. Social sharing of personalized videos powered by Idomoo’s PVaaS™ technology generated a 261% uplift when compared with generic video benchmarks.

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Beyond engagement metrics, a sportswear manufacturer generated a 1,189% increase in product sales generated via the personalized video email campaign via Idomoo’s technology platform.

“We at Idomoo are excited to empower millions of Ubisoft gamers to create and share personalized videos highlighting player accomplishments via a technology platform that can generate millions of unique and personalized videos within an hour thanks to Idomoo’s purpose-built rendering engine,” said Yaron Dishon, Chief Revenue Officer and GM, Idomoo US. “Thanks to a great collaboration with Ubisoft and their creative agency Biborg, together we created a campaign to thrill users who are viewing and sharing their personalized videos across all social media platforms.”

For agencies, Idomoo is a natural partner enabling the creation of personalized video campaigns across verticals and clients in days, all via one easy-to-implement technology platform. “Thanks to Idomoo’s user-friendly technology platform and dashboard, we were able to drag and drop our Ubisoft creative and start this personalized video campaign in days,” said Morgane Roncin, Account Director – Partner, Biborg.

Powered by Idomoo’s purpose-built rendering engine, which enables generating more than 3,000,000 unique and personalized videos in an hour, the company offers a comprehensive solution for rapidly creating cinematic-quality personalized videos at scale. Idomoo’s cloud-based Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS™) platform lets a marketer or agency create a robust personalized video campaign in less than two weeks.

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