Unlock The Power of QR Codes with AppURL

AppURL | One Simple URL or Link for Your App

The smart URL shortening tool shows why QR codes are as relevant as ever and make for quicker, more effective marketing.

AppURL is a powerful marketing tool that condenses links down into a simplified, short URL that can be implemented in various ways. This is explored in AppURL’s newly released blog, “Do People Use QR Codes?” The blog pinpoints how QR codes can deliver more effective results, remove frustration for business owners and marketing professionals, and create a better customer experience.

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Topics covered in “Do People Use QR Codes?” include:
• What a QR code does
• Why people use QR codes
• How QR codes can be used
• Where to create a QR code

The key functions of QR codes are explored, including how QR codes are a better way of providing customers with business info, removing the need for ineffective print business cards. It also demonstrates that QR codes are a simple but effective way to encourage downloads and implement SMS marketing strategies. Finally, it shows that URL codes are just one of the ways AppURL uses advanced logic and customization to present a whole new world of marketing possibilities.

AppURL is a free, online smart URL tool that simplifies URLs to give businesses more versatile marketing possibilities. AppURL offers a wide array of features, from deep linking and QR codes to integrated Google analytics, which let businesses steer customers to websites more effectively, improving marketing success rates and fueling sales growth

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