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UST Global Offers OpsHub Integration Manager To Its Customers

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Ust Global and Opshub Partner to Help Enterprises Promote Digital Transformation Through an Integration Platform for Product Development and Customer Experience Ecosystem

UST Global, a leading company in digital technology services, and OpsHub, a leading supplier of integration and migration solutions for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), announced a strategic agreement to help enterprises promote a fast, collaborative and efficient digital transformation.

By integrating ALM, DevOps systems with the customer experience environment, OpsHub Integration Manager helps enterprises create a highly-productive and collaborative ecosystem. In an ecosystem like this, there is no gap between the ideas coming from the customer-oriented business teams and the execution of these ideas by the development/engineering team. The real-time information exchange, facilitated by OpsHub Integration Manager, within each work team’s preferred system removes all possible communication barriers and other issues that might delay the delivery; and therefore, allows enterprises to make wiser commercial decisions in a short span of time.

OpsHub Integration Manager is a comprehensive integration and migration solution for the unification of an ALM ecosystem. It supports the integration of over 50 ALM, DevOps, IT Service Management (ITSM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Integrating these systems increases the overall efficiency of the delivery ecosystem as it results in enhanced collaboration between cross-functional teams, increased transparency in the ecosystem, and complete traceability for all work and non-work items.

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“By incorporating OpsHub Integration Manager to our solutions portfolio, we have come closer to meeting our commitment of providing our customers the means to accelerate their digital transformation, taking advantage of a collective experience,” said José Luis Rivero Laguna, Director of Digital Solutions & Consulting Services at UST Global. He added further, “OpsHub Integration Manager allows real-time two-way synchronization between systems for requirements management, version control, and CRM, enabling our customers to build a complete DevOps pipeline.”

UST Global Offers OpsHub Integration Manager To Its Customers
Baldo Rincón

Baldo Rincón, VP Business Development, Europe at OpsHub, explained: “A development organization always strives to deliver superior products to its clients, as quickly as possible and at competitive prices. With OpsHub Integration Manager, UST Global customers will be able to create highly productive ecosystems with best-of-breed systems that will lead to the creation of quality solution and also, accelerate the delivery timeline.”

UST Global Offers OpsHub Integration Manager To Its Customers
Vibhuti Bhushan

Vibhuti Bhushan, VP Marketing, OpsHub, said, “Scalable integration solutions act as a catalyst for successful digital transformations. We are happy that this association has managed to reach a point where we can all help enterprises to take advantage of their cross-functional richness and swiftly progress towards an enabled, digital world.”

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