Wings Financial Delivers Personalized and Secure Customer Experiences with Nuance AI Solutions

National credit union leverages Nuance’s AI-powered Intelligent Engagement platform and Gatekeeper security solution to automate and elevate digital engagement across all channels

Nuance® Communications, Inc. announced that Wings Financial Credit Union, Minnesota’s largest credit union and one of the top credit unions nationally, has deployed Nuance’s Intelligent Engagement platform and Gatekeeper voice biometrics solution to provide their members with superior personalized, secure experiences. With Nuance AI, Wings Financial strengthens its ability to deliver exceptional service across all channels and adds advanced protection against fraud threats.

According to Forrester Research, three years of consumer behavior change was squeezed into one year in 2020. Consumers are now demanding online experiences. Recognizing the rapid demand for digital channels and potential risks those channels pose, Wings Financial deployed technology that would enable them to deliver secure, seamless member experiences.

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“Our members are top-of-mind in every decision we make, and the implementation of Nuance’s AI-powered member engagement and security solutions exemplifies how we put that into practice,” said Matt Vignale, Vice President, Retail Delivery, Wings Financial. “We recognize that our members’ expectations are changing; they’re spending more time online and predominantly interacting with us via audio and digital channels. We’re confident that Nuance’s AI technology can enhance our ability to deliver the same personalized, enjoyable experiences our members are used to receiving when visiting our branches while simultaneously protecting them from fraudsters.”

Nuance’s Intelligent Engagement platform provides Wings Financial members with:

  • Virtual assistant engagement available 24 hours a day to get answers and information and, during contact center hours, members can connect with a live agent when needed
  • Seamless transitions across communications channels – ensuring the member receives the help they want and need – for example, when a member moves from a virtual agent to a live chat to a phone conversation
  • Full-context information for service representatives – where the AI eliminates the need for members to repeat information from prior engagements by providing the member service representatives with the information required to effectively and efficiently resolve issues

Additionally, with Nuance Gatekeeper, Wings Financial can easily and automatically authenticate members across all channels. The private and secure AI-enabled biometrics platform verifies a member in seconds using more than a thousand physical and behavioral factors unique to each person. As a result, member accounts are better protected, and their requests conveniently and securely addressed. This approach has proven to be far more secure at the largest banks in the world than traditional passwords or answers to knowledge-based questions such as the color of your first car or name of your first-grade teacher – which can sometimes be known by others.

“Nearly every financial institution in the world, no matter their size or scope, is adapting to new digital transformation strategies to keep up with rapidly changing consumer demands and expectations,” said Robert Weideman, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance. “Wings Financial is part of an innovative group of organizations that recognizes the value of voice biometrics and conversational AI solutions to drive growth and delight customers. Wings Financial cares deeply about their members’ security, convenience, and experience. We are proud to support them with our cutting-edge AI solutions.”

Nuance enterprise solutions power over 31 billion intelligent customer interactions annually across all channels to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. An artificial intelligence pioneer serving Fortune 2500 companies worldwide, Nuance combines deep vertical expertise with a flexible deployment and partnership approach. Our superior cloud-native, AI-powered customer engagement technology delivers industry-best digital, voice, and biometric security innovations.

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