Zendesk Collaborates With ArenaCX to Give Customers Frictionless Access to Outsourced Talent


The “Get Labor” app allows SMBs to accelerate growth with easy access to top BPOs globally

ArenaCX, the world’s only outsourcing management platform, announced the immediate availability of the “Get Labor” app, which will give Zendesk customers easy access to top BPOs globally.

The app will allow Zendesk customers to access a global network of outsourcing partners certified by ArenaCX and hand-selected by Zendesk. Users will be prompted to describe their labor needs and select their preferred geography, before scheduling a call with an ArenaCX Concierge who will match them with a BPO partner.

Zendesk and ArenaCX partnering to give SMBs access to top BPOs, allowing them to scale faster despite hiring headwinds

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“Historically it was always difficult for smaller companies to access top BPOs and the process of finding an outsourcing partner was very challenging – dealing with RFPs, contracts and more,” said Jason Dichter, Head of AMER BPO Partnerships at Zendesk. “ArenaCX has completely simplified this process. They vet each call center, check references and visit sites, streamline the contracting process, and they showcase everything in an intuitive marketplace for users. With ‘Get Labor’, our customers can be confident that they have selected a high quality BPO partner with attractive pricing and fair contract terms.”

“In today’s hyper-competitive market, brands need every advantage they can get,” said Alan Pendleton, CEO of ArenaCX. “A big part of this is the ability to scale their workforce to meet demands. The marketplace we’ve built will give Zendesk customers the ability to access top talent with a few clicks so they can focus on growing their business instead of workforce management.”

The “Get Labor” app features:

A digital buy-flow that makes launching an outsourcing campaign easy

  • Ecommerce-like shopping experience with merchandised service offerings, transparent pricing, and robust profiles on all BPOs.
  • Click-to-sign contracts that make launching a campaign simple and straightforward.
  • ArenaCX Outsourcing Concierge to ensure brands find the right BPO partner at the best value.

Streamlined visibility and control to drive performance

  • Outsourcing best practices guides to help brands better manage their contact center partner.
  • Integrated messaging and video conferencing tools to stay aligned with their BPO partner(s).
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards make it easy to manage performance and spot trends.
  • Payment processing is handled by ArenaCX after a 15-point audit is conducted on the BPO invoice.

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