Drift Club, the Racer’s NFT

With engines roaring onto the NFT marketplace, DRIFT CLUB is set to release a new NFT line tailored for gamers and racers alike. Set to launch in the upcoming week, the team behind DRIFT CLUB are celebrating their launch by giving away an all new BMW M Series to one lucky minter.

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Drift Club’s collection is made up of 7,777 racers inspired by popular sport and luxury vehicles, drifting their way around Ethereum’s track and granting their holders various kinds of digital and real world utility. The veteran team behind this project has also partnered with Roseville, California based streetwear brand “Famine”, unveiling 77 one-of-a-kind hoodies for the collaborative duo’s first drop, with more items set to be released in the future. With a true to size fit and premium cotton construction, these hoodies are limited to sizes small, medium, and large, with the opportunity to purchase this exclusive merchandise on their discord.

Drift Club’s NFTs come in 5 different rarities including basic, uncommon, rare, exotic, and legendary, while also allowing holders real world utility via meets such as drift days, exclusive parties and events for holders which are held to be set in different locations across the country where holders will be invited, all expenses paid, to enjoy luxury leisure, share interest for cars and crypto with like-minded people, and to get to know the community.

The NFTs will cost 0.1 ETH on pre-sale mint and 0.15 on public sale mint, with mints going live on April 9 and 10, 2022, respectively. 2,222 whitelist spots will be allocated for the first collection, with spots available in the discord at the link below. 555 spots are allocated to members that reach level 15 on the community discord, 555 spots for those that invite more than 20 new members, 555 spots to whitelist giveaway winners, and additional spots to those who further the community by submitting fanart, repping drift club, and more!

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