Emotibot Secures USD 30 Million In Series B Round to Create the Industry’s Leading Chatbot and Multimodal Emotional Computing Platform

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According to a report from EqualOcean Media, Emotibot, which has been established for more than three years, announced the completion of series B round of financing totaling USD 30 millionon December 11. The following is the full text of the report:

Emotibot Secures USD 30 Million In Series B Round
Emotibot Secures USD 30 Million In Series B Round

Emotibot, a Chinese caring robot solutions provider, has secured USD 30 million in series B round funding, led by China Development Financial, followed by Cathay Financial Holdings. Its existing investors Ecovacs and Advantech Capital participated in this new funding round. Light House Capital served as exclusive financial advisor in the transaction.

Founded in 2015, Emotibot is an artificial intelligence company engaged in deploying deep learning, Chinese semantic understanding, emotional calculation and computer science to provide emotional robot solutions. The robot can read, see, listen, remember, self-learn, and understand a user’s emotions, and the affective states, emotions and intentions of the speaker.

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According to the lead investor China Development Financial, artificial intelligence is a potential and promising industry;semantic understanding is not only the connection between human and smart life but also a key to the industry internet revolution.

Emotibot gives AI emotions, not to embellish life, but with the hope that bots can help people to have a better life, work environment, and to solve business problems of high importance. Emotibot provides user-centered business solutions with bots throughout the e-commerce cycle including the pre-sale, sale, after-sale stages. Emotibot’s financial solutions can automatically identify the potential needs of high-value customers, providing a comprehensive financial intelligence solution from front-end interaction to financial advisory and after-sales service.

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Emotibot supports a full set of language, image, and voice human-computer interactions. Combined with customized development based on the devices and scenarios, it enables intelligent devices to have a smart AI brain. Through NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and emotion recognition, Emotibot allows the robots to accurately understand the intent of user inquiries, thereby reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Kenny Chien (Jian Renxian), the founder and chief executive officer of Emotibot, said that by scaling designed services based on the company’s platform, Emotibot fits into its niche and easily replicates the model. The company is trying to prove that the business model embedded with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and emotion calculation can be profitable. The AI company will continue applying their technology to more scenarios and make AI a reality.

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