enosiX Launches SAP Real-Time Business Process Integrator App On The Salesforce AppExchange

enosiX’s New App Promises to Deliver A Disruptive Approach To How Enterprises Provide SAP Data And Bi-Directional Business Processes To Salesforce Users

enosiX, a leading zero-code SAP integration accelerator firm, launched the SAP Real-Time Business Process Integrator app on the Salesforce AppExchange. The enosiX app’s genius is in its powerful enterprise-grade business process integration into Salesforce.

Built to enhance sales productivity, customer service and to simplify Salesforce Admin tasks, the enosiX SAP-certified add-on is currently available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The ZERO-code approach enables rapid install to immediately increase selling time. Once installed, enosiX provides drag and drop capability to add live SAP data to the Salesforce experience. Salesforce Admins can select what SAP data to display with a click – no SAP expertise required. 15-plus pre-built display templates enable real-time integration from Salesforce to SAP. No middleware or additional infrastructure is required, drastically reducing risk and required resources. The Enterprise Edition for enosiX adds an additional 25-plus pre-built scenarios between SAP and Salesforce.

Gerald Schlechter, CEO, enosiX calls it an ‘SAP integration trailblazer’. “Typical integration approaches require deep ERP understanding and complex front-end building by the developer, take six to twelve months, introduce too much risk and inhibit innovation. Through our existing enterprise offering, we are already providing organizations with a true 360-degree view of their customers. Now, with our new SAP Real-Time Business Process Integrator app for Salesforce, we provide even faster, easier and more cost-efficient real-time access to critical SAP data. We offer zero implementation costs if you download our app before 12/31/2017,” he said.

enosiX is a software development firm focused on accelerating SAP integration. enosiX provides a SAP integration platform to quickly and easily provide real-time, business process-based integration between Salesforce and SAP. Much more than just data & display, enosiX takes the complexity of SAP and simplifies it in an intelligent, SAP-certified solution requiring no middleware or additional infrastructure.

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