I-COM Announces The 2018 Award Winners at I-COM Global Summit

IBM, Omnicom Media Group, Barclaycard and Mindshare Were Among the Winners Announced Yesterday, April 10th, at the I-COM Global Summit 2018 in San Sebastian, Spain.

The I-COM award winners were announced on April 10, during one of the most anticipated parts of the I-COM Global Summit 2018: the I-COM Gala Awards Dinner. The 9th edition of the world’s leading marketing data & measurement strategy event is being held in San Sebastian, Spain, gathering the brightest of the Smart Data Elite to discuss and network under the theme of ‘The Reality Disruption Field’.

From the application of data science in the real world to its use in the promotion of social good, the summit’s attendees have been engaged in highly productive sessions and debates about the current state and future trends of the marketing data industry.

Andrew Douglas

“Last night was a fantastic win for not just our team but the whole of IBM. We are lucky at IBM to come from a culture of data testing and optimization, whilst here at I-COM, we are surrounded by the world’s leading authorities on marketing analytics data and data science. I am not only delighted by the IBM win for our data visualization and data creativity work but am also proud at the contribution that IBM and our agency partners made to so many of the outstanding presentations that were finalists and winners in the awards”, said Andrew Douglas, VP Data Analytics & Data Driven Strategy CHQ, IBM, USA.

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I-COM announced this year’s winners of the Data Creativity Awards, Data Science Hackathons, Data Startup Challenge and Smart Data Awards. They are as follows:

I-COM Data Creativity Awards

The objective of this competition is to acknowledge the most creative people and companies in achieving business value and ideally, competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from data.

  • Overall & Data Visualization Category Winner – IBM, USA
  • General Category Winner – Omnicom Media Group and NIKE, China
  • Artificial Intelligence Category Winner – Amplero and Sprint, USA
  • Attribution Category Winner – Flashtalking, Integral Ad Science & Tapad and Dish Networks, USA
  • CRM Category Winner – Wunderman and Shell, UK
  • Mobile Category Winner – GroundTruth and Outback Steakhouse, USA
  • Programmatic Category Winner – Cadreon & Universal McCann and BMW, USA
  • Emerging Market Regions Award Winner – Mindshare and Hindustan Unilever, India

I-COM Data Science Hackathons

The 4th edition of the I-COM Data Science Hackathons had two simultaneous challenges, which were focused on solving real problems and achieving results that would normally take months of work to accomplish or replicate. Intel and Lufthansa were the sponsors of the 2018 challenges.

  • The 2018 Intel challenge
    Tier 1: Overall Winner Masters – Ekimetrics
    Tier 2: Overall Winner Scientists – Havas Media Group (Dbi)
  • The 2018 Lufthansa challenge
    Tier 1: Overall Winner Masters – Mindshare International
    Tier 2: Overall Winner Scientists – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) / Team B
  • Domo Data Storytelling Award- IE University – Team PintxoData

I-COM Data Startup Challenge

The 6th edition of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge showcased top Startups from around the world that are leveraging value from Marketing Data & Measurement as the central selling point of their product or services.

  • Overall, Emerging Market Regions Award & Artificial Intelligence Category Winner – Thematic, New Zealand
  • General Category Winner– MeasureMatch, UK

I-COM Smart Data Awards

The Smart Data Awards are an indication of a company’s overall ability in Marketing Data, aggregating the top scores achieved in the I-COM Data Creativity Awards and I-COM Data Science Hackathons to reveal the winners.

  • Marketer of the Year – Barclaycard International
  • Smart Data Agency of the Year – Mindshare
  • Smart Data Agency Network of the Year – GroupM

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