IDology Wins Finovate Award for Best Identity Management Solution

Company recognized for delivering identity verification solutions that drive innovation forward

IDology, a GBG Company, announced it has been recognized as the industry’s best identity management solution by Finovate. This award is the latest in several industry accolades garnered by the company and demonstrates its leading approach to approving more legitimate customers without friction and detecting and deterring fraud for long-term revenue growth.

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IDology’s ExpectID uses a multi-layered process to access thousands of data sources containing billions of identity attributes to instantly validate a customer’s identity while also providing predictive, intelligent information around that identity. The platform’s unique ability to fuse thousands of physical and digital data sources with a hybrid of machine learning and human fraud intelligence, including data from IDology’s Consortium Fraud Network, delivers the real-time insights needed to stay ahead of shifting fraud tactics, meet compliance and protect revenue.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as the industry leader in identity management solutions. Meeting the needs across businesses for strategic identity verification solutions, our platform incorporates the best of machine learning combined with human fraud intelligence for superior fraud protection and decision making,” said Christina Luttrell, CEO of IDology. “This recognition is the direct result of the expertise and commitment of the entire IDology team. We look forward to continuing to innovate and helping our customers successfully navigate identity verification and protection in the age of digitization and escalating fraud.”

In response to growing fraud as well as the need to maintain compliance and facilitate trust, IDology recently built on its industry-leading, flexible offering by introducing ExpectID Flex API, allowing businesses to request less Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from customers when conducting custom digital Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. Businesses and financial institutions can use unique, specially curated identity attributes and workflows to verify at any point in the customer journey, from pre-verification to post-validation. They can also further foster trust through low-friction workflows by reviewing details that users may be more comfortable providing, improving lead conversion rates among thin-file and underbanked individuals.

The third annual Finovate Awards recognizes excellence in fintech, highlighting strong work done by the companies who are driving fintech innovation forward and the individuals who are bringing new ideas to life. The selected companies have proven that they have what it takes to capture the attention of the fintech world through standout products, services, and overall excellence. Judges for the awards include media analysts, board members, bankers, fintech founders, and more.

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