Ilantus Announces Identity and Access Management Package for MSSPs

Ilantus Products

Customers reportedly want all-in-one solutions. Procuring multiple products to fulfill a complete IAM environment is complicated and expensive.

Ilantus Technologies, a veteran of over 20 years in Identity and Access Management announced its latest package for the MSSPs. Ilantus reported that their all-in-one “Converged IAM” solution “Compact Identity” will revolutionize the way the world looks at IAM. It will also revamp the IAM product that MSSPs would like to offer to their customers. Leading industry analyst Gartner says over 70% of new IAM implementations by 2025 will be Converged.

Ilantus President Binod Singh said, “MSSPs must sell IAM to stay competitive. It is a key security solution. The need for IAM is prevalent across organizations around the globe. It is the largest IT security-related market. IAM is traditionally expensive, and products are built for large enterprises. But over 90% of global organizations are small or mid-sized. This is the highest revenue market for MSSPs.”

Customers reportedly want all-in-one solutions. Procuring multiple products to fulfill a complete IAM environment (one product for Access Management, one for Identity Governance, and yet another for Identity Administration) is complicated and expensive.

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Adoption of IAM is a universal challenge for customers. IAM is notorious for having poor initial adoption because IT users resist change. This reduces ROI and discourages customers from completing the purchase. Ilantus CTO Pramod Bhaskar had the following to say: “MSSPs can benefit from Compact Identity’s Forced Single Sign-on and Secure Web Access features which enforce adoption. The product was engineered specifically with features for the mid-market, and for easy implementation, management, and high ROI. MSSP customers have good reasons to buy Compact Identity.”

MSSPs selling Compact Identity can corner that mid-market because the software was built and priced for SMEs (small and medium enterprises). It achieves this by being the first and only Pay-per-use IAM solution. As a Pay-per-use solution, MSSPs’ customers’ costs increase only with incremental increases in the benefit that they gain. This makes Compact Identity the highest ROI IAM solution. Decision-makers can easily justify the purchase.

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