New IoT Security YouTube Video Series Offers Engineers Valuable Guidance

Sectigo, a leading provider of automated digital identity management and web security solutions, today announced a new video series on Sectigo’s YouTube Channel. The IoT video series offers security engineers, developers, product managers, and anyone using or developing connected components and devices valuable guidance—ranging from fundamental to advanced level—for securing IoT devices. Hosted by Alan Grau, Sectigo VP of IoT/Embedded Solutions, the initial “explainer” videos in the series include:

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IoT Security Challenges — The first in the series, the IoT Security Challenges video encompasses a wide range of fundamental security topics including embedded security, secure boot, embedded firewall, secure firmware updates, secure key storage, IoT device identity, and PKI for IoT. Alan Grau addresses several specific issues, including:

  • Common vulnerabilities found in IoT devices
  • What security actually means for IoT devices, and which solutions actually work
  • Which types of IoT security solutions actually work, and why
  • Security claims vs. security realities for IoT devices
  • Challenges of building security into IoT devices

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Secure Boot for IoT Devices — The Secure Boot for IoT video covers IoT security, embedded security, secure Boot, and secure firmware updates. Grau provides both an overview and a deep dive into Secure Boot and how the functionality can greatly help secure IoT devices by ensuring that they are always running unmodified code from the OEM. He also discusses the various ways that hackers attack embedded devices, Root of Trust, code signing, and code validation.

Embedded Firewall for IoT Devices — In this video about Embedded Firewalls, Grau covers what embedded firewalls are and how they are different from other network and endpoint firewalls. He discusses the challenges of building security into IoT devices, why embedded firewalls are important (and essential features), as well as embedded use cases for automobile (ADAS) and aircraft control systems.

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