PrivaceraCloud’s New Integrations with Okta and Leading Authentication Tools Automate Identity Management Across Multi- and Hybrid-Cloud Environments


Privacera, the cloud data governance and security leader founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™, today announced new integrations with leading authentication tools and SSO frameworks, including Okta, LDAP, Active Directory, Azure AD, and the OAuth, SAML, and SCIM standards. These integrations help Privacera seamlessly automate and secure the exchange of user identity data between cloud applications and service providers. According to Forrester, as cloud platforms continue to proliferate, protecting data and ensuring full insight in and across cloud platforms are becoming key priorities to avoid data breaches and fraud. These new integrations, available in the latest version of PrivaceraCloud, provide organizations with the ability to confirm a person’s identity in real-time in order to grant them access to a variety of digital resources, such as files, applications, or services.

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According to Gartner, by 2024, more than 45 percent of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software, and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to cloud. And with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, that allocation will accelerate even further. Though public cloud offers a myriad of benefits, it also brings unique challenges, as each service provides distinct mechanisms for managing access to data. This places a heavy burden on data teams who are forced to manually manage authentication, authorization, and access control across multiple environments and user interfaces – which can delay access to critical data, stifle data analysis, and increase an organization’s overall risk of a data breach or unauthorized sensitive data access.

PrivaceraCloud’s latest integrations remove the burden on data teams who previously had to manually manage user identities and authorization and eliminates the labor intensive, and error-prone processes needed. Enabling fine-grained access controls across data in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments from a single location, Privacera provides employees, customers and partners with the information they are entitled to, while reducing the threat of a data breach, fraud and/or non-compliance.

“As the proliferation of cloud adoption continues, reducing risk and protecting the privacy of our customers remains a critical priority,” said Selvat Neethiraj, VP of Engineering at Privacera. “This task becomes complex and difficult to manually manage, as enterprises continually add new cloud services and applications, which places an unnecessary strain on data infrastructure teams. PrivaceraCloud connects identity data from authentication systems to authorization entitlements, so the two are always in sync, to help enterprises optimize security and minimize the risk of data breaches.”

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Thanks to the PrivaceraCloud integrations, users can:
  • Import user identities from LDAP, Active Directory, and Azure AD, and single sign-on platforms supporting OAuth and SAML
  • Automate user provisioning using identity providers, such as Okta, through the SCIM protocol
  • Reduce process complexity
  • Configure and deploy a fully-automated data governance solution in minutes
  • Ensure non-repudiable auditing for critical data assets.