Giving brands and agencies the ability to elevate their data with consumer intelligence, Stirista today launched OMNA, the authoritative Identity Graph. Updated in real-time utilizing billions of transactions, Stirista’s Identity Graph platform enables marketers to have access to hundreds of identifiers across millions of online, offline, social, and household personas. Marketers can tap into Stirista’s complete comprehensive Identity Graph or choose from three major component graphs: the IP Graph, including rich dynamic IP data of 90MM+ households; the Device Graph, which contains more than 1B+ connected devices, and the Location Graph with perpetually updated real-time location intent and movement data.

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Most traditional marketing graphs rely on cookies and Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) which are getting phased out. The expanded household and device level targeting within OMNA enables marketers to get more accuracy and reach from the ever-expanding CTV/OTT opportunities that have arisen as streaming adoption continues to grow and linear TV advertising declines.

“We continue to hear from frustrated marketers that have been promised access to real-time consumer intelligence data only to find out that much of what they are using to engage with customers and prospects is old, inaccurate data,” said Stirista CEO Ajay Gupta. “Stirista brings to market OMNA, the first real-time identity graph, which is updated to the second and gives companies the insights they need to better understand their target households — where they work, how they spend their money, what devices they use, and the places they visit in a safe privacy-compliant manner.”

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The Stirista’s OMNA Identity Graph is a comprehensive set of first and second-party data with over 500 household attributes and is used by marketers to onboard first-party data to drive loyalty marketing particularly in the CTV/OTT space. Tapping into the power of the entire data backbone of the Stirista Identity Graph, marketers can take advantage of location-based segmentation, frequency capping at a household level and onboarding capabilities with the highest CTV/OTT match rates based on the largest CTV device graph in the industry.

“While a lot of companies are building out graphs, most of them rely on wide-scale adaptation. We have built our graph as a stand-alone data-as-a-service platform that can plug and play with any infrastructure to help companies avoid significant wasted ad spend on outdated information,” said Gupta.

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