INFUSEmedia Launches Lead Quality Grader

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INFUSEmedia announced the launch of the Lead Quality Grader––an industry-first that is offered free of charge to qualified B2B companies worldwide. The Lead Quality Grader enables marketing and sales teams to analyze the quality and viability of lead data.

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The launch of the Lead Quality Grader highlights the value of good data in the modern B2B marketplace. In a climate where leads are considered the primary success metric for B2B sales and marketing teams, and the main driver of net new revenue, many businesses discover that purchased leads may have quality issues, mostly that:

– Lead data is outdated, meaning contact details are no longer viable;

– Lead data is a duplicate of the current client or prospect data;

– Leads are poorly categorized, and therefore not directly suited to the offered solution.

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Company Founder & CEO Alexander Kesler said: “Earlier this year, we determined that the cost of bad data can add up to $1,000 per lead. With the cost of processing and reaching out to leads compounded by the compliance and business risk imposed by GDPR and other regulatory requirements, sales and marketing decision-makers need to act to safeguard their businesses from this loss of revenue and productivity. The Lead Quality Grader will accurately report on the value and integrity of any B2B lead report and provide unmatched intelligence to help businesses understand their true effectiveness.”

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