Really Simple Systems Releases New Multi-Series Charts Feature

Leading cloud software developer and vendor, Really Simple Systems, has today announced the release of a new, enhanced feature that creates data comparison charts on their CRM dashboards.

The new Multi-Series Charts tool lets users create custom widgets for their CRM dashboard that compare multiple sets of data in a simple visual display. This development is an update to the Custom Charts feature, that was launched earlier, to monitor business performance KPIs in a simple chart, or graph, creating actionable insights that directly drive business outcomes.

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Multi-Series Charts can be designed as line charts or bar charts, that let CRM users compare their data across a series of variables, or by date, which could be by month, quarter, calendar year or financial year. This means users can easily spot trends, variations, or anomalies, should a metric suddenly increase or decrease.

Using real-time analytics, customers can monitor a wide range of CRM data, such as new leads, sales targets, team performance and support cases, plus any data captured to custom fields.

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Really Simple Systems’ Head of Marketing, Helen Armour, reports: “This development comes as a direct response to customer feedback and represents a true collaboration with our software users. They told us they loved the Custom Charts tool but that that they would also like to compare data sets in a similar fashion. At a time when data plays such a pivotal role in business decision making, we are delighted to see the impact a simple tool like Custom Charts has had. We hope this new development will be equally well received.”