Integrate Partners with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to Enable B2B Marketers to Automate and Manage Leads in Real Time

Using Integrate’s Demand Orchestration SaaS Platform, Marketers Can Now Seamlessly and More Quickly Engage New Prospects Generated from LinkedIn

Integrate, the leader in demand orchestration, announced it is partnering with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to connect its demand orchestration SaaS platform directly to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions platform, enabling B2B marketers to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Using Integrate, marketers can now automate and seamlessly manage, validate, process and route new prospects generated from LinkedIn for immediate follow-up by sales and/or marketing.

“Demand Orchestration is an emerging capability for B2B marketers charged with demand marketing. This LinkedIn agreement and the integration of social demand gen lead data is a logical step to ensure the data quality and speed required today.”

The agreement with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions introduces a critical new channel to demand orchestration: social. Pioneered by Integrate, demand orchestration is an automation layer that sits between top-funnel marketing efforts and marketing automation. This innovative approach eliminates inefficient, manual processes for feeding lead data into CRM or marketing automation systems. This enables B2B marketers to centralize all top-of-funnel demand generation processes and data. The Integrate platform also performs a series of automated steps to ensure the data is accurate, complete and represents a legitimate lead. Integrate’s native connector with LinkedIn represents a key step in the company’s journey to enable marketers to drive efficiency and quality from new data sources.

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“It’s extremely rewarding to see that demand orchestration, which started as an entrepreneurial concept a few years ago, has gained so much momentum with major brands,” said Jeremy Bloom, founder and CEO of Integrate. “This agreement with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions was developed in response to overwhelming demand from our joint customers who wanted to extend the power of Integrate’s demand orchestration to the world’s largest professional network in a more frictionless way. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is just the start – we look forward to delivering additional innovations that expand the possibilities and promise of demand orchestration in social channels and beyond.”

Demand Orchestration on the LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions enables B2B marketers to easily capture lead information from prospects using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Today, these leads are either managed via downloaded spreadsheets or delivered directly into a marketer’s database. Marketers must also either manually clean and validate these spreadsheets or struggle with invalid or duplicate leads in their database.

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This integration ensures that LinkedIn-generated leads are validated, de-duplicated and delivered to the marketer’s database as soon as they are generated – no spreadsheets or manual intervention required. B2B marketers receive accurate, actionable leads from LinkedIn. This means marketing and/or sales can act on the leads quickly, increasing the impact on conversion to qualified leads and pipeline. With Integrate, marketers can track the performance of each lead as it moves down the funnel, making it easy to compare the value of LinkedIn leads to other sources, channels and programs in their marketing mix.

Perspectives from key participants

“We all know LinkedIn is the professional marketplace to promote thought leadership and brand awareness for companies and their employees. One of our goals with the LinkedIn and Integrate agreement is lead capture. Capturing leads from any social platform has inherent data challenges, so for us, relying on Integrate to help keep data hygiene in check is critical. With so many ways to standardize and regulate data, it’s more important now than ever for Rackspace to consolidate MarTech and align on data standards and cleanliness.”
David West
Marketing Database & Technology Lead, Rackspace

“Demand Orchestration is an emerging capability for B2B marketers charged with demand marketing. This LinkedIn agreement and the integration of social demand gen lead data is a logical step to ensure the data quality and speed required today.”
Kerry Cunningham
Senior Research Director, Demand Marketing, Sirius Decisions

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