KERV Interactive, an acclaimed technology company specializing in visual IR driven interactive video for brands, has continued to optimize their shoppable video social product that uses pixel edge precision in its identification of products to seamlessly connect content and commerce. The social product continues to bolster success for Darn Tough, an innovative sock brand in the outdoor and fashion space, by driving increased engagement and ROAS.

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KERV partners with brands to transform their video assets into fully interactive storefronts (with pixel-level customization), targeted and full of shoppable information that both enhances usefulness and commerce opportunities. KERV’s custom, dynamic interactive ad technology increases a video’s consumer engagement, boosts shoppability by over ten times, generates more time spent with content assets and increases interactions.

KERV’s social product, a mobile-only offering that is certified with Facebook and Instagram, allows in-video shoppability right within the Facebook/Instagram browser. Other interactive products in the marketplace focus on images or static experiences, while KERV’s product offers up a way to shop videos as they play. For example, if an influencer is talking about her outfit, KERV can make it very easy to shop everything they have on as the video rolls.

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The social product dimensions are available in square, 16:9, and vertical options. Time to set up is quick and unmatched in the industry, and pricing can be based on creative or on a % of ROAS. The product drives increases in ROAS by 50-200%+ from data thus far collected. For sock brand Darn Tough, KERV deployed its social product for about six months; purchase totals attributed to KERV’s technology reached as high as 233% above the control.

“This is a performance product that was created for social to further drive value for our consumers, by giving video content more e-commerce opportunity,” notes Marika Roque, COO of KERV Interactive. “As seen through our partnership with Darn Tough, this product more seamlessly sends consumers to unique product pages, which adds measurable lift and boosts ROAS, consumer experience, and commerce.”

“We began working with KERV’s social product in Q4 of 2020 and have seen exciting results,” notes Leyna Jackson of Darn Tough. “Some weeks have seen 200% higher ROAS than the control, and we are eager to continue testing additional products and innovations with KERV.”

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