Outreach Meetings Simplifies Scheduling Workflow With Prospects

New Product Cements Outreach’s Position as First Complete End-to-End Solution for Sales Professionals Featuring Multi-Channel, Integrated Analytics

Outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, unveiled its newest product available through the Outreach platform, Outreach Meetings. Designed to accelerate and simplify salespeople’s daily process of scheduling meetings with prospects, Outreach Meetings helps ensure more meetings happen. Outreach Meetings is a suite of features that solves all the pain points of scheduling a meeting by replacing manual, disorganized tasks with a hassle free, intuitive solution that schedules, and reschedules, meetings with fewer clicks and more effective communication.

Today’s sales reps spend up to two-thirds of their time not actively selling—citing it can take up to 18 dials to connect with a buyer before even landing a meeting. Sales professionals work tirelessly just to get the initial meeting and still need to ensure that it actually happens—that all follow-ups and next steps are executed at the right time, through the optimal channel, where nothing slips through the cracks. Unfortunately, for most reps today this involves a highly manual and time intensive series of steps, from finding a time that works for the meeting, sending reminders, logging call notes into the CRM, and conducting appropriate follow-ups. With Outreach Meetings, for the first time, all of these steps are automated resulting in higher show rates, automated rescheduling for no-shows, and 100 percent follow-through on follow-ups post meeting.

Manny Medina
Manny Medina

“Today’s sales reps are struggling with finding time in their day for the things that matter – the tasks that really move the needle and influence income and the company’s bottom line. We’ve created Outreach Meetings as a direct answer to this problem. Thanks to intelligent automation within the sales stack, gone are the days of back-and-forth email chains, no-shows and cancellations, rescheduling hurdles and missed key follow-up opportunities. Our new solution is yet another step to ensure that sales reps are empowered to do what they do best – close deals and positively impact business outcomes,” said Manny Medina, CEO and Co-founder, Outreach. ”

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