DemandBridge Announces Strategic Alliance

DemandBridge Announces Strategic Alliance With Ampersand Group

DemandBridge, a dominant Marketing Automation Platform provider to approximately 600 Marketing/Print Services firms, announced that they have signed a letter-of-intent with The Ampersand Group, agreeing in principle to forge a strategic alliance to provide an array of business services associated with on-boarding, implementation and operating the DemandBridge suite of products. The Ampersand Group, located in Akron, Ohio, has a national network of entrepreneurial business owners who use Ampersand’s back office services and sales support to increase sales, reduce costs, increase profits and thus expand their businesses. By offering technology implementation services, finance/accounting services, eCommerce template building, strategic buying services and sales enablement, The Ampersand Group will help their member companies spend more time on revenue generating opportunities.

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As part of this new alliance, The Ampersand Group will be implementing the full DemandBridge platform to include the industry-leading DB Commerce storefront solution, DB Sourcing and DB Reporting, all powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud solution and PowerBI (dashboard) tools. This, in addition to the currently provided e-Quantum solution for storefronts and back office support. By also acting as an aggregator of spend for Print, Office products and Promotional goods and fully utilizing DemandBridge’s software platforms, The Ampersand Group will help their customers transition to a fully digital organization with a direct connect to the best suppliers in the trade.

“This partnership is to help all of our customers continue to grow and expand their opportunities. The Ampersand Group has been a terrific customer and now will be a key partner helping our 600 customers take advantage of the complete suite of solutions we have to offer,” states Anthony Abunassar, Chief Product Officer for DemandBridge.

David Rich, CEO of DemandBridge, added that “we welcome The Ampersand Group into the family as we expand our ecosystem of alliance partners.”

Todd Mellon, CEO and President of The Ampersand Group, said “we are very excited to forge this strategic alliance with DemandBridge, offering an expanded array of business services fully enabled by the complete suite of DemandBridge products.”

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