Mailbox Power Co-CEOs Joe Kenemore and Justin Biggs announced a significant upgrade to the company’s automation platform on October 2. Mailbox Power 3.0 builds upon the success the Utah-based software technology company has already generated with its one-of-a-kind technology that now includes an Auto Image Merge feature.

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“This upgrade represents a leap forward in our direct mail personalized print-on-demand capability,” Kenemore said.

Mailbox Power provides personalized gifts and greeting cards for businesses to create meaningful interactions with their customers and clients, dramatically increasing business relationship opportunities. This service is resonating particularly with service-based industries such as real estate, insurance, direct sales, and many other vertical markets.

The Mailbox Power platform makes it incredibly easy to generate unique, personalized marketing materials. “Our customers tell us their customer relationships have never been stronger, and that they are receiving dramatically increased referrals and customer retention,” said Biggs.

“We’re in the business of making our customers’ phones ring,” Kenemore added. “We do this by offering fully customizable greeting cards, postcards, and gifts tailored to each business decision maker’s value proposition. We are in the business of strengthening relationships between a business owner and their customers and employees. We create that feel-good moment that will be truly remembered.”

The company is growing quickly and is midway through construction of its new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah; the additional space is a key component in allowing the company to scale its production to maintain its next-day fulfillment service promise.

Some of the most powerful features in Mailbox Power 3.0 include custom inventory fulfillment, multiple return addresses, image auto merge, and dedicated live customer assistance. Image auto merge alone is one of the differentiating features that has set Mailbox Power ahead of its competitors; this feature enables businesses to create printed automations that dynamically merges their logo, imagery, and text specific to their marketing and sales campaigns.

This upgrade moves a business relationship from purely transactional to being based on strong and lasting relationships.

“Simply put, we offer technology that generates gratitude that has lasting effects,” Biggs said. “We bridge the gap between our customers’ digital marketing efforts and direct mail. The mailbox has an incredibly high open rate and creates customer stickiness.”

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