Marketo Delivers Innovation Suite to Empower Personalized and Seamless Engagement Across Channels

Marketo’s Latest Release Features Updates To Abm, Ad Bridge, Web Personalization, And Analytics

Marketo has unveiled its latest suite of product capabilities to further empower marketers. Marketing pros can now create more personalized and authentic cross-channel experiences for their buyers using the new enhancements. Built into the Marketo® Engagement Platform, the solutions in this release allow marketers to make informed decisions on target accounts within their account-based marketing strategy to–

  • yield better results,
  • create more seamless cross-channel personalized experiences that resonate, and
  • prove the impact of their marketing programs through data-driven analytics.

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According to ITSMA, most B2B marketers felt that understanding buyers would be the top responsibility for marketing organizations in 2017. Marketing organizations are driven to adopt analytics, ABM, and sales enablement to engage and nurture relationships with B2B customers. Marketo’s latest set of enhancements helps customers seamlessly adopt these capabilities.

Data-Driven Analytics Is the Core to Cross-Channel Personalized Experiences

As the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, Marketo focuses on empowering marketers to make informed decisions on target accounts within their ABM strategy to yield better results, create more seamless cross-channel personalized experiences that resonate, and prove the impact of their marketing programs through data-driven analytics.

Cheryl Chavez

Cheryl Chavez, Group Vice President of Product Management, Marketo, said, “Marketo is committed to delivering the technologies that will enable marketers to engage buyers across every channel and touch point at the speed and scale required to succeed in the Engagement Economy. This latest release includes many of the capabilities that our customers and partners asked for to help them listen better, learn more, engage effectively, and measure the impact of those engagements in driving revenue.”

Marketo Delivers Personalized Cross-Channel Engagement

Today’s buyers are more informed and are available on myriad channels, including mobile. The challenge for marketers is to ensure that their personalized brand experiences reach across all channels and connect with buyers. To support marketers in creating personalized cross-channel engagements, Marketo has released several new features, including —

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Integration

The integration allows marketers to collect high-quality leads on mobile via LinkedIn’s pre-filled forms and sync that data to Marketo. This enables marketers to engage and retarget prospects instantly or alert sales reps to follow up.

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Web Personalization Campaign Enhancements

The enhancement provides marketers with flexible customization and triggering functionality to create more tailored website experiences. The new enhancements enable marketers to listen and respond to new customer intent signals, such as scrolling and exit intent, empowering marketers with more control over web campaigns without having to tap IT resources.

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Effective Account-Based Engagement

Account-Based Marketing poses certain challenges for sales and marketing teams. It includes managing high volumes of data and understanding customer interactions at an account-level. To address these challenges, Marketo has released several enhancements for their  ABM solution, including –

Custom Fields for Named Accounts

The enhancement enables marketers to append and sync account data in Marketo for more precise targeting and personalization.

Percentile Scoring for Named Accounts

Percentile Scoring makes it easy for marketing and sales teams to prioritize accounts to focus on. This is based on scores from multiple inputs, such as behavioral, firmographic, and demographic data.

Account List APIs

This enhancement enables marketers to access and share named account lists with other applications to effectively execute a cross-channel ABM strategy. Marketers can now effectively target accounts through ad networks. Additionally, marketing and sales can harmonize their efforts for the same set of accounts across the buyer’s journey.

Analytics that Demonstrate Impact

Marketers are under scrutiny to demonstrate the business impact of their campaigns. Marketers need access to real-time analytics that prove the success of their various campaigns. Recognizing this need, Marketo has unveiled real-time analytics and key performance indicator monitoring, tailored for marketing executives and their organizations.

Marketing Performance Insights (MPI)

MPI provides a highly visual and interactive dashboard to marketers. It enables marketing leaders to explore how campaigns and channels are driving business results. This includes insights into opportunities, pipeline, and revenue. MPI empowers these leaders with tailored insights to optimize channel mix without the need for specialized and complicated business intelligence tools. Currently, in beta, MPI will generally be available in the coming months.

Segment your most promising customers by interests and preferences, gathered from your interactions with them across channels, like the web, email, mobile, and social. With our Ad Bridge offering, you can leverage your segments in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other popular ad platforms to deliver more personal and effective display ads.

As the MarTech landscape continues to move at a phenomenal pace, Marketo continues to drive innovation by offering a viable engagement ecosystem via Marketo Accelerate. To really know what engages customers, Steve had offered an advice —

Prepare for the AI world, as it helps marketers in “listening and learning from every single interaction, and using that knowledge to effectively engage at just the right time with the right message.”

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