Polaris Creates a New Category of Project Portfolio Management

Introduces The World’s First Self-driving PPM, Delivering More Results with Less Hassle.

The Polaris PPM solution launched today, creating a new category of Self-driving PPM. For the first time, PMO and business leaders have a solution that can do the heavy lifting, analyzing real-time data, and delivering live recommendations on the best possible choices to decide from.

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Whether you are a leader focused on the whole portfolio or specific to initiatives, resources, or finances, Polaris’ MissionControl center gives you a view of what’s critical to your success. It’s customized to your role, yet operates off a common shared data platform, with 100% accurate and consistent data. That means there are no data silos, helping you understand the whole business and operate in harmony across groups.

Polaris SmartBeats helps update timesheets and project status in real-time by gathering rich comprehensive details about the work being done by your resources from desktop, mobile and tools like Slack, Jira, Microsoft Project and Asana. This way, even if different teams are using different project management  tools, you will have your complete portfolio of projects in a common shared data platform that’s 100% accurate, always up-to-date and is your single-source of truth.

Polaris is created by the team at Replicon, the Time Intelligence company. Replicon has over 25 years of industry leadership in enterprise time tracking, and supports thousands of customers across 70 countries, and will now leverage that experience in the world of professional services and project-based organizations.

“There are two critical things that Business leaders & PMOs in project organizations must do to be successful. First, getting their resources and projects properly aligned with their strategic priorities. And second, getting up-to-date information on how those projects are performing, so they can make real-time course corrections”, said Raj Narayanaswamy, co-CEO of Replicon, Inc. the company behind Polaris. “We created the Polaris Self-driving PPM Solution to solve this problem so that firms can make better decisions, based on a real-time, accurate, holistic view of their projects. Polaris brings together all the data from existing execution systems and provides a single view of projects, resources, and costs.”

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The Next Horizon for Project Portfolio Management

Polaris PPM introduces a number of innovative approaches to empower businesses to improve and optimize project, resource, and portfolio management:

  • MissionControl provides a comprehensive real-time view of the whole prioritized portfolio and details on specific initiatives, resources, or finances, as well as integration with leading BI tools.
  • Real-time Project Portfolio Management helps group and manage all project, resource and cost metrics related to a project portfolio as a single entity.
  • Instant Budgets vs. Actuals enables leaders to track actual hours, costs, project progress w.r.t budgets to manage accounting for chargebacks, cost capitalization, R&D tax credits and more.
  • SmartBeats helps update timesheets and project status in real-time by gathering rich comprehensive details about the work being done by your resources from desktop, mobile and execution tools like Slack, Jira, Microsoft Project and Asana.
  • SmartMatch is an intelligent resource recommendation engine that provides the closest resource option based on the criteria, and ensures the right resources are allocated to the right projects.
  • Collaborative Resourcing Workflow enables conversations between project and resource managers around the right resources for projects.
  • Skills Cloud provides tracking and smart display of skills, certifications and expertise levels for each resource as needed by your services firm.
  • Project, Resource and Portfolio Governance standardizes projects, resources, costing, and other processes across your business for a consistent view.
  • Mobile, Enterprise-Grade, Cloud Platform is secure, global, configurable and scalable to support millions of users.
  • Plug-and-Play offers smooth integration so you can share project, resource, time, and costs information with your ecosystem – whatever that may be.

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