Factoreal has released an automated push notification feature as a part of its all-in-one customer engagement suite, which is now live for all users. In addition to email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media management, Factoreal is thrilled to release this offsite messaging capability, which will allow users to further personalize their marketing wherever their customers are — on or off the web.

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Users can now send short messages via mobile or desktop browser to subscribers even when they aren’t browsing their website or app, based on their mobile or web activity. This is a powerful tool for marketers to drive traffic back to their website and app, alert subscribers to important information, and ultimately convert more visitors into new business.

“Marketers can now send personalized time-sensitive information like a flash sale, in-stock notifications, and more to targeted subscriber segments. No more getting lost in inboxes. Factoreal’s automated push notifications are a dynamic tool for users, helping them to personalize their messaging and reach the users wherever they are,” said Aditya Dhruva, the CEO of Factoreal.

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Factoreal delivers an all-in-one digital customer engagement platform to empower marketers to build lifelong positive engagement with their customers. It leverages visitor data points to create lead nurturing, personalized website messages with actionable insights, accelerating the growth of e-commerce businesses. The solution combines email marketing automation, mobile marketing, social media marketing management, social ad management, customer journey automation, e-commerce integration, personalization & segmentation, and more into one simple, connected platform. With this new convenient addition, Factoreal will permit marketers to control offsite and onsite messaging, connecting with subscribers at a whole new level for a deep-insight omnichannel customer experience.

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