Signal and Selligent Marketing Cloud Enter Partnership to Arm Brands with Powerful Customer Experience Capabilities by Merging Paid and Owned Media Insights

Integration of First-Party and Ad Insights Enables Marketers to Shape Powerful and Customized Brand-To-Consumer Relationships With Improved Targeting

Selligent Marketing Cloud, the B2C marketing automation company, and Signal, the leader in real-time data onboarding and customer identity resolution provider, announced a partnership designed to give marketers the ability to reconcile consumer identities across the worlds of owned and paid media.

Pairing identity resolution with marketing automation meets the dual challenges facing today’s marketers: achieving a unified view of the consumer relationship across touchpoints, and activating consumers through brand-driven engagement. The resulting marriage of advertising data, identity and marketing strategies gives brands the capabilities to deliver uniquely personalized customer experiences spanning all channels.

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“Identity has emerged as a critical currency in digital media,” said Joe Doran, Chief Identity Officer at Signal. “As more and more customers expect individualized experiences, marketers must shift resources toward owning and operating their own identity assets. This partnership with Selligent enables marketers to strengthen customer relationships while gaining a more accurate view of buying behaviors on the individual level.”

Recent consumer expectation survey data from Selligent echoes the notion that consumer expectations are on the rise — but so are the challenges marketers face in capturing and leveraging data to strengthen marketing strategies. Bridging the gap between paid and owned media is certainly a part of the problem, as traditional methods of reconciling insights from each are arduous and time-consuming.

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“Digital marketing and advertising move at a pace that requires technologies to be more tightly integrated to deliver a holistic and more accurate understanding of consumer relationships,” said John Hernandez, CEO at Selligent Marketing Cloud. “The direct correlation between first-party data and ad-driven insights is a powerful tool as brands aim to provide rich and truly personalized experiences. Companies that are unable to connect these points quickly will not only miss countless opportunities to drive revenue, but also risk relationships with consumers who have come to expect much more from them.”

Selligent and Signal’s partnership ultimately clears a path towards improved customer lifecycle management and more effective use of paid and owned media channels, signifying a new class of technology integrations aimed at creating powerful, targeted and cohesive interactions between brands and consumers.

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