ZappedIn, the Top LinkedIn Lead Gen Automation, is Gaining Popularity with Unprecedented Success

Anyone can now automatically prospect their ideal future customers on LinkedIn with ZappedIn. This is the number one LinkedIn lead generation automation tool.

ZappedIn, the newly launched automated lead generator, is here to turn a modern marketer’s dream into reality – presenting the most complete and full-fledged, automated lead and outreach tool for LinkedIn with AI cleansing and unlimited campaigns!

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ZappedIn, the Top LinkedIn Lead Gen Automation, is Gaining Popularity with Unprecedented Success

Anyone can now automatically prospect the vast network of LinkedIn and build a future customer base with ZappedIn. In a short span of time, ZappedIn’s fame is spreading fast, and over 1,100 sales pros are already on board. Their experience reveals ZappedIn is good at shortening sales discoveries, and the automated tool is a huge time saver.

Three steps are all it takes to set up ZappedIn. Setting up an account takes just a few minutes, and the automated tool is ready to work, saving hours otherwise spent pouring over LinkedIn posts or profiles. The “Filter” function sets the focus right, narrowing down the scope to the ideal areas using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. The user then begins to see the power of the tool, getting many qualified leads and sales conversations.

“Leave your repetitive prospecting tasks on autopilot in just a few steps. Our automation tool for LinkedIn has endless uses. It can be used by sales teams, recruiters, branding and marketing teams to automate their efforts,” says Matthias Fong, ZappedIn’s Chief Technology Officer.

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The software’s features show that it has left nothing behind. There is an automatic campaign creation with high converting templates, a customer success manager, cloud-based storage, laser targeting and actionable insights. With advanced filtering, one can use hundreds of criteria to filter people. There is free and unlimited chat support, regional time support, a product tour and a user manual, among many other features.

“Our team has collated data from thousands of campaigns and having conversations with thousands of customers, and we are here to provide advice to help you get results,” said Matthias Fong.

Those looking to scale their sales process will find ZappedIn equipped with multiple A/B tests and multi-variant experiments to continuously help optimize their outreach. The prospects lists are updated with AI-based cleansing process within the ZappedIn dashboard, saving hours of time. For massive operations, there is reliable backup and top-level security. 

Whether entering new markets or automating a sales pipeline, ZappedIn can be set to multiple marketing uses. The software requires very minimal technical knowledge and one can set up their automated campaign in a matter of minutes. ZappedIn has proven itself to be a gamechanger and can elevate the lead generation game for anyone.

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