ZAPTEST Rated #1 Best Web Testing Tool and Best RPA tool of 2021 by Guru99

ZAPTEST is a Software Automation solution for any organization that uses software for operations or development, who is looking to automate the back-office operations or software testing processes and to develop a seamless and revolving automation framework.

Guru99 is an independent software review organization that is highly recognizable in the industry for rating software test automation tools; they rated ZAPTEST #1 in the following categories :

– 20 Best Web Testing Tools | Application Testing Software in 2021 and
– 20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021

ZAPTEST automates any application and executes the same scripts for TEST and RPA. ZAPTEST also offers an unlimited licensing model with certified implementation.

ZAPTEST Solutions is a Software+Services solution that provides efficient automation of any application UI through live application, mock-ups, or video scenarios, auto-generates documentation, and executes automation play-back on multiple environments at once; unlike other solutions that are oriented to either testing or robotic process automation (RPA) and provides seamless cross-application execution.

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ZAP has been the market leader in software testing for the past 20 years starting as an advanced services solution using Mercury products, and then evolving as an independent software vendor itself. For the past 5 years ZAPTEST expanded to include RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and is now leading a new industry niche of Software Automation merging Test Automation and RPA as a seamless enterprise automation discipline.

ZAPTEST Software+Services model offers unlimited use of it’s software for aspects of automation including operations and dev/test; and offers involvement of at least one ZAP Product Expert to be part of the client’s team. With this model client’s have flexibility to construct their own automation process based on the company variety of the AUAs (Applications Under Automation), development release schedules and the personnel skillset.

ZAPTEST solution is designed to offer industry alternatives to open source automation software with the advantage of more improved technology led by certified product specialists. It offers enterprises the ability to establish software automation Centers of Excellence (COE) leveraging seamless processes across the organization, delivered by centralized personnel with less maintenance. It offers several advantages:

-Any-Task Automation
-Fixed-Budget Expenditure
-Certified Implementation

ZAP Object Engine is designed based on visual recognition and therefore able to automate any digital interface, it provides Shift-Left automation and offers Video Scenario technology to improve team collaboration. In addition to its breakthrough UI automation, ZAPTEST users can perform API automation and even reuse the same APIs for load testing to complete the test cycle.

The RPA advantage of ZAP versus competitive solutions is the fact that it doesn’t require any instrumentation of the Application Under Automation and allows teams to interchange automation modules developed for testing into opps bots execution and vice versa, which tremendously saves time for initial automation development and maintenance.

“Since the 90s ZAP has been a pioneer and maverick of the software automation industry. Today we are proud of this recognition by Guru99 for being the leaders in the most pressuring aspect of web application development, the test automation and the new and not less important aspect of modern corporate operations, the RPA industry. Our mission is to improve the industry Software Automation culture throughout Hyperautomation for Digital Transformation, where it becomes the absolute standard as any other software discipline today!” said Alex Chernyak, ZAPTEST CEO.

ZAPTEST is based on multiple Studios, offering users to perform all aspects of software automation in phases.

1SCRIPT Studio is the main IDE with scripted (VB Script or JavaScript) and No-Code workflows where automation developers would develop UI scripts against any type of application technology using live application; mock-ups; or video recordings.

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REC Studio offers automation process SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to record manual process steps with audio narration into desktop movie, that would be picked up by the Automator’s (automation developers) in order to convert them into the object repository and to construct entire automation framework without access to the live AUA (Application Under Automation).

API Studio allows users to automate OpenAPIs; REST; SOAP with the full parameterization of all entities and methods; as well as allowing to combine API and UI steps in the same script.

DOC Studio offers auto-documentation of automated processes, converted from the script. With DOC users don’t need to write and maintain documentation separately. All documentation and automated scripts would be stored into ALMs like: TFS/Azure; Jira; Micro Focus ALM; Rally; Testrail and others.

M-RUN Studio provides an environment for multi-run parallel automation execution on all necessary platforms: desktop; VMs; and real Mobile devices, and therefore offers organizations Just-In-Time (JIT) testing and automation execution.

LOAD Studio allows for full scale performance and load testing using multiple user groups and load distributions with the comprehensive analysis allowing to identify SUL (System Under Load) scalability and sustainability.

RPA Studio offers a user-friendly flowchart-like interface illustrating the bot logic and data flows correlated to automated modules using ZAP revolutionary Video Scenario technology that allows multiple team members to collaborate in a remote fashion, providing videos of the bot process with audio narrations.

ZAPTEST is offered as a commercial Enterprise Solution and FREE no-cost community edition. During evaluation of the Enterprise Solution, ZAP offers prospects the option of self-evaluation, or assisted evaluation by a ZAP certified product Expert with live POC (Proof of Concept).

ZAPTEST, Inc. is an Atlanta, Georgia based company operating remotely with representatives based in the USA nationwide and internationally.

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