Salesforce Listed as Visionary Leader by 360Quadrants in AI in Fintech

360Quadrants, the world’s only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced reviews, has released a quadrant on AI in Fintech Solutions to help businesses make quicker and more informed decisions.

AI in Fintech refers to the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing finance-related tasks that usually require human intelligence. It is an application of AI technology used in the financial sector to design investment strategies, detect anomalies with pattern & voice recognition, and conduct market analysis with data mining. The AI in Fintech solutions market for this quadrant is defined as the summation of AI-enabled Fintech solutions and services.

For this quadrant, the components of AI in Fintech are mainly segmented into solutions and software. Major application areas of AI in Fintech solutions are virtual assistants, business analytics & reporting, and customer behavioral analytics. These solutions have been analyzed based on cloud and on-premise deployment. 25 top companies in AI in Fintech are listed on the quadrant

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Salesforce has been identified as a visionary leader in the AI in fintech space given its extensive product features, high product quality, reliability, suitable channel strategy, and wide geographical footprint. 360Quadrants also lists competitors of Salesforce in the AI in Fintech space.

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AI in Fintech offerings from Salesforce aims to deliver valuable insights and intelligence from data. The company has an established product portfolio with a robust market presence and business strategy. Some of the major developments of the company include:

Salesforce launched Financial Services Cloud Einstein for financial advisors

Salesforce introduced Financial Services Cloud Einstein, which helps financial advisors have a clear picture of its client’s wealth and find new client opportunities. Various other groups such as Veterans First Mortgage and Wealth Enhancement are using Financial Services Cloud to connect with clients.

Evercore deploys Salesforce Cloud Einstein to transform client engagement

Salesforce is a technology partner of Evercore, an independent investment banking advisory firm. Evercore is deploying Salesforce Cloud Einstein to optimize the relationship between the company and its clients by consolidating existing data of clients into a single global platform.

US Bank enhances customer experiences with Salesforce Einstein

The US Bank is expanding its use of Salesforce Einstein Analytics to deliver enhanced experiences to its banking customers and provide its employees with a holistic view of customer data. This expansion not only helps provide data-driven insights but also infuse artificial intelligence across the company.

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