MarketingProfs, a global leader in B2B marketing education and services, announced today the launch of a new suite of solutions called MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage). The program features consulting and content services aligned to core marketing disciplines—positioning, messaging, customer experience, and demand generation—with a focus on solving the funnel, pipeline, attention, and differentiation problems that are plaguing so many organizations today.

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“MarketingProfs has been a leading global educator for marketers since 2000. We pride ourselves on designing high-quality, hands-on, educational opportunities that provide real-world skills for all levels in a marketing organization,” said Valerie Witt, President, MarketingProfs. “However, as marketing becomes more complex and budgets continue to be under pressure, we know that our community can’t do it all—even if they understand the concepts. So many marketers are struggling to deliver a powerful and consistent story to the market. We will help them get there.”

MarketingProfs has identified three key roadblocks to differentiation, sales and loyalty:

    • Product or company positioning in an organization is often done without considering the fundamental needs of customers. The broad market in which they compete, including competitive reactions and possible positioning migration strategies, aren’t considered.
    • Marketers are often responsible for an enormous amount of work including introducing new products, extending brands into new product categories, launching new brands, entering new segments, reinvigorating interest in failing products, shifting messaging and stories, creating demand, nurturing customers, and enabling sales. Yet they are constantly being asked to trim budgets and teams. This creates a vicious cycle where CEOs believe marketing is underperforming, and they question the value of marketing.
  • Because of reduced budget and team size, many marketing organizations don’t have the time or the expertise to combine market research, technology, storytelling, and the science of buyer behavior into exceptional customer journeys and experiences. And there are very few vendors in the market that provide full lifecycle marketing solutions from positioning to execution.

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MarketingProfs DNA consulting services provide B2B marketers with a consistent, powerful story, from positioning to sales content.

  • PositionDNA helps organizations create their unique, defensible position centered around what the market wants, and then turns that position into messaging
  • ExperienceDNA improves customer experience using world-class frameworks that increase retention and brand loyalty
  • DemandDNA aligns marketing and sales with a scientific understanding of why buyers purchase and what content should be delivered when, to build the perfect pipeline

“B2B marketers are struggling more than ever to stand out from the crowd, stay relevant, and create urgency for their products and services. And we don’t have the time, alignment, budgets, or teams to get it all done,” said Jen Smith, VP Marketing, MarketingProfs. “DNA consulting services will help companies decode their competitive position in the market and identify what buyers really want. This will allow them to create the consistent stories and experiences that matter most to their markets.”

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