Jason Wood CEO Explains How The YouTube Algorithm Has Changed In 2021

Jason Wood CEO Explains How The YouTube Algorithm Has Changed in 2021

Jason Wood CEO knows YouTube better than most people. YouTube launched on February 14, 2005, and has changed the world as we know it. Anyone can log onto YouTube and find user-created content that pertains to their interests. However, what worked back in 2005 does not work in any way to the marketplace of video content that we know today. Jason Wood CEO states that YouTube has changed drastically since its inception and if one wants to take advantage of what the platform can provide for users then you will need to equip yourself with relative knowledge on the subject.

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Jason Wood says that when YouTube first launched almost anyone could blow up as a YouTuber. Whether the content being created was quality or not, the people that launched their channels found relative success because the website was not oversaturated. Fast-forward to 2021, and you will find that more than 2 million YouTube channels are created per year. Jason Wood CEO says that the website has grown exponentially and with that growth comes a hyper-competitive place to be discovered by other people. Uploading videos that are not of quality in and quantitative fashion will not work for you and simply put you behind. Jason Wood CEO says that curated content that is interesting, educational, and relatable is the only way to get discovered.

Jason Wood states that the YouTube algorithm will put content that is considered to be favorable in people’s feeds. One of the best ways to show up in someone’s feed is to have a high watch time on your videos. This means that you want more than 50% of your audience to watch your video all the way through. This will inform the YouTube algorithm that your video is worthy of being promoted and thus people will click on your video to watch and get to know you. Making content that is of high quality is the best way to get discovered. Jason Wood CEO says that you want to hook your audience to the very end in order to be discovered. Content without personality or simply trend jacking will not go very fast says Jason Wood CEO. Narrative content is important to market because people want to watch to the very end to find out the outcome of the scenario that is being played out in front of them. Finding your voice can be a difficult thing, and it takes time. However, if you create content in this way you will no doubt soar to the top of the trending tab on the front page of YouTube in no time at all.

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