Agillic Welcomes New Client Lindhardt & Ringhof Forlag, Writing Another Chapter in the Egmont Story

Agillic welcomes new client Lindhardt & Ringhof Forlag, writing another chapter in the Egmont story

We are happy to welcome yet another company to our client list, Danish publisher Lindhardt & Ringhof Forlag who joins our ongoing international collaboration with Egmont Media Group. We will help them face their challenge; to combine data and content to create personalised reading inspiration in all channels.

For growing publishing house Lindhardt & Ringhof the goal of their customer communication is to inspire people to read the books they publish, no matter where or how they choose to buy them. Naturally, there is no lack of engaging stories to tell, the challenge is to connect data with the content and create personalised communication in the complex world of authors, genres, topics, reading platforms and age categories. That is exactly the reason why Lindhardt & Ringhof turned to Agillic’s omnichannel platform to solve the problem.

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Content-driven reading inspiration in all channels

With the new platform it will be possible for Lindhardt & Ringhof to distribute and reactivate content effectively in all channels, based on Agillic’s super flexible data model. This means the ability to create truly personalised communication based on e.g. prior genre preferences and favorite authors. For the company’s children’s literature imprint “Carlsen”, the platform will be used to inspire parents to find suitable books for their children depending on age, needs and occasion.

Says Cathrine Burhøj Jerris, CRM & Marketing Automation Manager, Lindhardt & Ringhof Forlag A/S:

“Our focus is to inspire people to read our books, wherever they choose to buy them. With the solution from Agillic we will be able to use existing data to distribute our content in a way that is tailor-made for each reader, e.g. pushing a new book from a favorite author or suggest suitable reading for the children’s summer holiday. That simply wasn’t possible for us before.”

Says Emre Gürsoy, CEO, Agillic A/S:

“It is always satisfying to see our solutions expand to new businesses with already existing clients. It is a proof of the trust we build in our customer relationships. The agreement with Lindhardt & Ringhof also shows our great ability to support different kinds of business models in an effective way. They chose us because of the flexibility in our data model, going way beyond traditional segmentation. And because they know we understand their business.”

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