Creatd Unveils First in a Series of 2022 Product Updates, Increasing Investment in Creator Economy

– Announces sequence of upcoming enhancements to Creatd’s proprietary creator platform, Vocal, aimed toward deepening engagement between creator and audience

– Company to further increase its investment in the creator community with an on-platform messaging feature expected for release by the end of First Quarter 2022

Creatd, Inc., a creator-first holding company and the parent company of Vocal, unveiled the first in a series of updates coming to the platform this quarter, intended to significantly improve creators’ discoverability, provide curation ability, and allow creators to deepen engagement with their audiences.

Today, the Company announced the roll-out of the first in a series of updates to creators’ Vocal Profiles, where a creator’s full portfolio of content is showcased. The updates are meant to support Vocal as a home base for the over 1.4 million creators and counting, and include new elements aiding in reader navigation and highlighting creators’ key metrics.

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Beyond today’s unveiling of a new and improved Vocal Profile, the Company expects to release other fan-building features this quarter, to be made available exclusively to the over 100,000 Vocal+ subscribers. One such feature, ‘Pinned Stories,’ will enable Vocal+ members to feature stories of their choosing at the top of their profiles, making it easier than ever to draw attention to the stories they most want their readers to see. Another feature will give Vocal+ members the ability to build stories into a customized Collection, as a way to better showcase their creativity and give their fans an even better reader experience. Finally, the Company expects to end the first quarter 2022 with one of Vocal’s most significant additions to date—a messaging feature to enable creators to communicate with audiences directly on the platform.

Commented Creatd’s co-founder and COO, Justin Maury, “Our product strategy for 2022 centers around a central goal to transform Vocal into a true ‘home base’ for our incredible creators. That means providing creators with even more of the benefits that attracted them to Vocal in the first place—fan-building, monetization, and a sense of belonging. The updates announced today all work to increase creators’ ability to connect deeply with their fans, and to further monetize that connection. Expect only further enhancements to the Vocal creator experience during the quarter, culminating in an on-platform messaging feature that will bring creators and audiences even closer together.”

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