Semos Cloud Reveals a Conversational Chatbot for Microsoft Teams


Semos Cloud, a provider of HR tech tools for enhancing employee experience, announces the launch of a new feature ‘Conversational chatbot for Microsoft Teams’ for the Culture and Appreciation signature solution JobPts.

AI-powered bridge to a more connected workplace

The latest innovation feature to JobPts is an AI-powered chatbot that helps employees appreciate each other via the Microsoft Teams chat. The chatbot provides a new channel for employees to engage in workplaces and recognize their colleagues. It also empowers employees with quicker access to the Culture and Appreciation module JobPts without exiting Microsoft Teams, making the recognition process faster and more accessible.

High-performing employees are early adopters of new features, but what about the employees who aren’t so quick and whose contribution equally matters to companies’ success? Equal access also means providing workarounds for various groups, so that everyone is included.

The new conversational chatbot feature reaches out to deskless and desktop workers alike. Employees who work in remote locations and use Microsoft teams on their phones can access the recognition program and send and receive praise the same way as their desktop-bound colleagues.

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How does a Microsoft Teams chatbot facilitate employee engagement?

High-performing employees value being recognized for their effort and impact on an organization. Recognizing employees keeps them motivated and willing to go the extra mile to fulfill their company’s goals. Workplace relationships flourish when teammates appreciate one another for support and collaboration. It is important to empower employees with the tools that help them stay engaged and highly productive.

Immersing the recognition process in employees’ workflow scales the companies’ efforts to build a culture of appreciation. Providing recognition pathways in the workspace the employees naturally inhabit significantly impacts the adoption of the recognition program and ensures that the companies’ efforts hit the mark.

What other issues does the MT Chatbot help to solve?

The Microsoft Teams Chatbot serves as a gentle reminder for the employees who haven’t sent any recognition in a while. This function helps to activate disengaged employees and supercharge the relationships within the company by keeping the dynamics between peers alive and thriving.

The chatbot makes recognition immediate and user-friendly, avoiding the frustration that often arises when employees get acquainted with new practices and tools. With the Microsoft Teams chatbot, the adoption is instant, and the time needed to praise someone is reduced to a minimum.

Semos Cloud’s CTO, Saso Ivanovski, declares that designing the Chatbot experience was influenced by a need to personalize engagement efforts and increase the recognition program adoption across the workforce. “Most high-performing employees are early adopters of new features, but what about the employees who aren’t so quick and whose contribution equally matters to companies’ success? Promoting equal access sometimes means providing workarounds for various groups. And when the outcome serves more than one function to help our clients – we couldn’t be happier”.

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