Text Request Releases Zipwhip Migration Tool

The new tool ensures a seamless migration for customers looking to transfer data to a new business texting provider following Zipwhip’s recent acquisition and impending platform shutdown.

Text Request, the business text messaging platform built to ignite customer engagement, announced the release of their new Zipwhip Migration Tool. The tool enables organizations using the Zipwhip platform to transfer their data to Text Request, including text lines, contacts, groups, and message history.

TXT2PAY merchant accounts can also be transferred separately.

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The Zipwhip Migration Tool was built by Text Request to help current Zipwhip users continue texting without a hitch in light of Zipwhip’s announcement to shut down their business texting software later this year.

“Zipwhip has done a good job serving businesses through text messaging software,” said Text Request CEO and co-founder Brian Elrod. “Now that they’ve been acquired and are going a different direction, Zipwhip’s users need help transitioning so they can continue experiencing the benefits of business texting, and so their end customers can continue receiving the level of service they’ve become accustomed to.”

To take advantage of the Migration Tool, Zipwhip users can sign up for any Text Request plan using the same business phone number they’ve been texting with. Then, they simply enter their Zipwhip login credentials inside the Migration Tool to begin the data transfer, which should take only a few minutes.

Data transferred includes:

  • All contacts
  • All groups (contact lists)
  • Each contact’s full message history
  • Applicable contact notes
  • Contact opt-out history
  • The business’s text line, which is automatically SMS hosted by Text Request

Businesses with multiple text lines on the Zipwhip platform can transfer each to the same Text Request account by repeating the process above for each text line. TXT2PAY merchant accounts, powered by Authvia, can also be transferred upon request to Text Request, who is also an Authvia partner.

“We’ve been intentional to make the switch from Zipwhip to Text Request as simple as possible, just as we’ve been intentional to make everything in Text Request as simple to use as possible,” said Text Request CTO and co-founder Rob Reagan. “While there is a lot of great technical work happening in the background, businesses will barely need to lift a finger, and their end customers won’t notice any changes.”

Over 100 Zipwhip customers have already successfully transferred their data to their new Text Request accounts.

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