Announces Strategic Changes to Membership Tiers

New policies introduced in order to support increased innovation and the expansion of Prebid’s mission, the organization that oversees open source Prebid programmatic advertising solutions, announced strategic changes to its membership tiers. The introduction of new membership policies is intended to help support increased innovation across emerging programmatic channels and enable an expansion of the Prebid mission to tackle broader issues within the industry, including hiring a dedicated team to support more focused growth.

Beginning January 1, 2023, the Prebid Community tier will be retired and become a nominal paid membership. Companies who wish to continue as members will need to maintain or transition to a paid membership status based on their business classification and a new evaluation criteria of total annual revenue. Current paying members of do not need to take any action, but current Community members should either apply to become Fellows or upgrade their membership status to the appropriate level by the end of the year to retain access to Prebid and its membership benefits. Prebid Fellowship is designed to support our high impact and most engaged members. In exchange for membership, Prebid Fellows are committed to providing a specific amount of resources; engineering, code review or marketing support.

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“ has always been a community driven organization that has relied on volunteers to support our mission. We’re making these changes after thoughtful consideration and to better serve the interests of our members. This will enable us to provide additional value through education and thought leadership as well as open up opportunities for continued investment in technology and innovation across new and emerging formats,” said Mike Racic, President of “Our commitment to keeping our members at the forefront of innovation within the programmatic ecosystem remains and we look forward to our continued journey together.”

In addition to networking and educational opportunities, members are able to:

  • Support the community by helping fund Prebid services and events
  • Promote Prebid projects for faster market adoption
  • Bring oversight, guidance and development capabilities to solve the industry’s common technical hurdles
  • Help define the technologies that shape the industry

“Our organization has been a member of for the past several years and it’s been a pleasure to have collaborated with our peers to drive the industry forward,” said Garrett McGrath, Chairman of and SVP of Product at Magnite. “Our membership has made a big impact across our business in helping us facilitate the development and launch of best-in-class technologies designed to benefit the ad tech ecosystem as a whole. “There’s no better time to be a part of the Prebid community, as a shared approach is crucial to solving some of the most complex industry challenges ahead of us.”

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