Adblock Inc. Poll: 83% of Ad Blocking Software Users Rate Autoplay Videos “Very” Annoying

Poll also finds that 71% consider promotional pop-ups “very” annoying

While most internet distractions are annoying, some are more annoying than others. Asked to rate six common internet distractions on a scale of “very,” “somewhat,” or “not” annoying, 83% of respondents to a global poll of 754 users of ad blocking software rated autoplay/floating videos “very” annoying. Coming in second, 71% of respondents rated promotional pop-ups “very” annoying. The poll was fielded in August 2021 by Adblock Inc. Complete results of the poll are as follows:

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Rounding out the internet distractions respondents were asked to rate were newsletter pop-ups, cookie notifications, survey request pop-ups, and social media share buttons. The six distractions were selected based on feedback from the tens of millions of people around the world who use AdBlock software.

When ratings of “somewhat” annoying are added to those of “very” annoying, more than 90% of respondents said they find five of the six distractions annoying. The only distraction rated annoying by less than 90% of respondents was social media share buttons.

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“We all encounter too many intrusive and annoying ads that interrupt our browsing experience. Our ad blockers do a great job of getting rid of many of them, but ads are just one of many internet distractions,” said Matthew Maier, CEO of Adblock Inc. “We wanted to identify what other distractions our users around the world find annoying and just how annoying they think they are. So, we asked them.

“As the company responsible for AdBlock and Adblock Plus, we’re in a great position to improve the user experience of using the internet even more,” said Maier. “Our mission is to create a distraction-free and worry-free internet experience for everyone.”

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