Auraya Releases EVA Voice Biometrics 2.1.2 with AWS Foundational Technical Review Accreditation

cVersion 2.1.2 of EVA Voice Biometrics includes AWS Foundational Technical Review accreditation for using best practices related to security, reliability, and operational excellence

Auraya, a voice intelligence company, announces today that its latest EVA Voice Biometrics release on the AWS Marketplace has achieved AWS Foundational Technical Review accreditation.

Auraya’s policy of continuous improvement provides an ‘evergreen’ upgrade path ensuring its AWS Marketplace customers are using the latest voice biometric solution for secure authentication and fraud detection capabilities on their Amazon Connect contact center platform. The auto scaling nature of EVA enables small organizations and the largest enterprises to simply activate the EVA capability in their own AWS instance and consume the service for all selected customer interactions.

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Paul Magee, President of Auraya said “It has never been easier for organizations that use Amazon Connect as their cloud-based contact center platform to activate a comprehensive active and passive voice biometric solution within a few hours. EVA delivers improved personalized self-service, reduced agent handling time, improved agent experience and most importantly, delivers on the promise of convenience and security for customers in all channels. In this world of more online, more work from home, more risk from cyber criminals and fraudsters, this easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use highly secure voice biometric capability is a game changer. Customer experience is significantly improved when it is easy for customers to verify their identity without disclosing personal information or needing to remember passwords or fumble for one-time passcodes”.

Ray Doak, CEO of Auraya said “The approved FTR status enables Auraya to earn a ‘Reviewed by AWS’ solutions badge which unlocks AWS partner benefits that benefit Auraya, its customers and partners”.

This was achieved by working directly with an AWS Partner Solutions Architect to review and accredit EVA for meeting its security, reliability, and operational risks requirements. With this badge of accreditation, customers using EVA Voice Biometrics can have complete confidence in selecting and using Auraya’s secure and delightful voice biometrics capability.

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