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Christmas Travel Chaos Sparks Need for Better Customer Interactions

The weekend before Christmas Day is expected to be the busiest period for travel this winter, with an estimated 100 passengers flying out of Heathrow every minute alone. During the great Christmas getaway, hundreds of thousands of passengers are inevitably likely to experience delays, lost baggage or other logistical issues that will cause inconvenience and frustration. Online Travel Agents (OTAs) inundated with queries will feel the pressure to work against the clock to resolve every complaint. Marketing Technology News:…

Engagement-Led Marketing: How Brands Can Deliver More Customer-Focused Journeys in 2019

Today’s technology-driven digital economy has led to there being more opportunities now than ever for marketers to engage with their customers in-the-moment throughout the full customer journey. Marketers and brands don’t need to be ‘journey dictators’, deciding how a journey will pan out before their customers even embark upon it. Today’s technology makes it possible for them to listen and truly hear and understand the intent of their customers as they interact. Through the use of today’s latest technology, brands now have…