AdsWizz Announces Availability of PodScribe, New Contextual-Targeting Solution for Podcasts

Technology provides enhanced targeting and brand safety for podcast advertisers, and scalable monetization for podcast publishers

AdsWizz, the leading global technology provider for digital audio advertising solutions, announced the availability of PodScribe, its contextual-targeting solution for podcasts. PodScribe provides valuable targeting and brand safety features for advertisers and enhances monetization for publishers.  PodScribe has been in private beta for more than a year, and has been tested with leading podcast publishers.

Until now, advertisers have lacked a scalable way to target advertising to the sought-after podcast listener, and often advertise on a podcast-by-podcast basis. PodScribe offers a scalable solution using advanced speech-to-text transcription technology to provide insight into podcast content, and enables advertisers to efficiently target by keywords, concepts, topics, and interests within the podcast.

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To ensure brand safety, AdsWizz has entered into an agreement with Comscore, whose sophisticated page-level analysis, combined with PodScribe’s transcription capabilities, enables custom keyword targeting and avoidance and provides granular understanding of podcast content. Podscribe leverages Comscore’s Activation solution suite, which includes a robust set of audience and contextual segments that help advertisers reach specific audiences in brand-safe, relevant content across desktop and mobile platforms.

“The podcast industry can only truly take off if ad buying is easy and accessible,” said Alexis Van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “In order to fully scale, podcast advertising needs to evolve the way programmatic buyers look at digital audio as a whole. Solutions like PodScribe™ and our relationships with major podcast publishers all over the world will enable the industry to grow in a way that is safe for advertisers.”

“Scale will come via dynamic ad-insertion and programmatic buying,” Van de Wyer said, “even for host read ads, which can be intelligently served without compromising the listener’s experience or the content quality.”

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Agencies and buyers seeking to tap into the podcast listening audience can use PodScribe to better target their campaigns via AdsWizz’s  AudioMatic platform. Advertisers will also be able to use the tech to reach podcast listeners at scale via PodWave, the AdsWizz podcast marketplace.  Audio publishers using AdsWizz AudioServe to manage and traffic their campaigns can use PodScribe to better monetize their inventory.

“With more than 67 million Americans listening to podcasts on a monthly basis, the audio channel represents one of the fastest growth channels within advertising, and the industry has been asking for a solution that helps them keep up with that rapid expansion,” said Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation, Comscore. “We’re excited to partner with AdsWizz to deliver on this critical market need.”

PodScribe is available today with select publishers and advertisers around the world, in multiple languages.

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