Blubrry Podcasting has now brought more value to its podcast hosting plans. Advanced Statistics, introduced in 2019, are now included with all $20+ Hosting Plans. Additionally, domain mapping is now included for customers using a free Blubrry WordPress website.

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Advanced Statistics are no longer an add-on for $20+ hosting customers. Blubrry’s most powerful podcast analytics offer partial download and play data, providing valuable audience engagement insight. Podcasters will learn about their audience retention to better understand how listeners are engaging with episodes, enabling them to make show improvements.

Domain Mapping for a Blubrry provided WordPress website allows podcasters to build their brands on their .com and gain valuable search and backlinks to their domains.

“To provide more value to our podcasters, it was a no-brainer to include our advanced podcast statistics and domain mapping to those using our advanced podcast hosting. We expect podcasters to gain further insight into their audience retention and grow their brands on their own domains,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO.

Within the past month, Blubrry has also released a new onboarding system for new shows and a fully redesigned dashboard. Advanced Statistics and Domain Mapping are available exclusively for podcast-hosting customers. Upgrades for all subscribers $20 or more a month were automatically added.

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