Bauer Media UK Signs With Veritone to Supercharge Audio and Video Campaigns

Veritone Discovery Offers a Comprehensive, Customisable Analytics Suite for Audio and Video Data

Veritone, Inc. , creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive Enterprise AI platform, announced a new collaborative effort with Bauer Media UK, part of the Bauer Media Group, to have their project management, programming and strategy teams leverage the Veritone Discovery solution to quickly and efficiently find audio buried in content libraries.

Bauer Media UK consistently produces a large number of creative marketing and advertising campaigns for its commercial partners across its audio portfolio. However, due to the scope of its brands and its global reach, the business generates a massive volume of content on a daily basis. This makes it difficult for project management teams to manually search through these growing content libraries to identify the right content to use within their campaigns.

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“When you’re a brand as big as Bauer Media, you amass a significant amount of content”

Bauer Media UK deployed Veritone Discovery, an AI service that can automatically pull relevant content based on spoken words, images, logos and more to access and track live audio broadcasted across its stations more quickly. This has allowed its teams to focus more time on serving customers while simultaneously delivering high-value campaigns. It has also helped strategy teams quickly identify conversations that can inform creative pitch strategies aligned with the business’s natural content.

“During the pandemic, the demand for audio-based creative campaigns increased due to its agility, flexibility and ROI,” said Simon Kilby, managing director of Bauer Media Advertising. “The Veritone Discovery solution has not only made the process of finding the creative airtime for these campaigns easier and more efficient but has also helped us shape our pitches more effectively.”

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Powered by aiWARE™, Veritone Discovery gives users the ability to easily search live broadcasts, pre-recorded programs, and other large media libraries in near real-time. The solution helps users discover large amounts of visual and audio broadcast data and easily track and verify ads, including organic mentions. Veritone Discovery also reduces manual tasks through automated watchlists for events, highlights, mentions, clients and more, delivering curated content directly to project managers’ inboxes.

“When you’re a brand as big as Bauer Media, you amass a significant amount of content,” said David Candler, senior director, Customer Solutions at Veritone. “Broadcast data can be difficult to resurface after it’s already aired, making it tough for media companies to utilize their existing resources for campaigns. It’s been amazing to see the impact of our Discovery solution on Bauer’s team’s day to day work, and the value of their creative campaigns.”

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