The Beauty Brands Consumers Recognise the Most

Whist hundreds of brands are spoiling us with their products, and many new ones starting up their business, it’s becoming hard to be original and stand out from the crowd. But in order for a brand to find success it needs people to talk about it and be able to identify it easily.

With that in mind, the experts with an interest in beauty from were curious to find out which brands made it on the consumer recognition radar. They created a survey for 2,028 consumers to see if they can recognise a brand logo when part of it is missing.

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So how many of these brands can you recognise?

Our survey has revealed that the following were the most and least identifiable brands:

1.       L’Oréal Paris 98%
2.      Dior 74%
3.      Bare Minerals 72%
4.      Urban Decay 61%
5.      Maybelline 56%
6.      NYX Professional Makeup 39%
7.      Bourjois 33%
8.      Chanel 24%
9.      Estée Lauder 21%
10. BH Cosmetics 18%
11. Fenty Beauty 12%
12. Jeffree Star Cosmetics 11%

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What colours do you associate with beauty brands?

Furthermore, had a look at the most used colours by beauty brands in their logos and on their websites. With research revealing that certain colours can increase brand recognition by 80%, they pay a very important role. So, what colours do most beauty brands choose to identify with?

  • 91% of beauty brands used the colour black in their logos or website.
  • 42% of beauty brands used the colour pink in their logos or website.
  • 25% of beauty brands used the colour grey/silver in their logos or website.
  • 23% of beauty brands used the colour gold/yellow in their logos or website.
  • 8% of beauty brands used the colour purple in their logos or website.

The research has shown that black is the most commonly used colour by beauty brands is sleek black, followed by feminine pink.

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