Benevity Partners with the “Go Give One” Campaign to Address Global COVID-19 Vaccine Inequity

The “Go Give One” campaign aims to provide 50 million doses of the vaccine to 92 countries by April 28, 2022

Benevity, Inc., the leading provider of global corporate purpose software, has partnered with the “Go Give One” campaign, created by the WHO Foundation, to enable companies and their people to join the global movement to help people in low-income countries access COVID-19 vaccines. As part of this partnership, Benevity has rolled out plug-and-play resources that its corporate clients can adopt to easily activate their employees, customers and communities to support the Go Give One campaign. Every $5 donation provides a vaccine to someone who needs it most in a country that currently has limited or no supply through the GAVI COVAX Advanced Market Commitment (AMC).

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This partnership adds to the support Benevity’s platform has been driving towards access to vaccines and COVID relief efforts. Nonprofits supporting vaccination equity and COVID-19 relief in India currently make up six of the top 10 causes and have received $31 million in donations since April 2021 from companies and their people.

Benevity and its clients PagerDuty and Workday have joined the Go Give One Coalition Challenge which launched in June, aiming to raise $5 million to fund one million vaccines by the end of this summer. As of mid-July the coalition had already reached a $1 million donation milestone, which will fund 200,000 doses for lower-income countries.

“Time-Critical Health has been a key focus area for our business to help save lives by reaching people faster,” says Nisha Kadaba, Global Social Impact Programs Lead at PagerDuty. “Over the past year and a half, our team has supported COVID-19 relief globally where we saw downstream effects of the pandemic, but the Go Give One campaign allows us to channel resources upstream and prioritize a more equitable approach. With Benevity’s platform, we were able to quickly launch our employee match campaign, activate and amplify our people’s efforts.”

Since the Coalition Challenge launched in June, support from 22 companies in Benevity’s client community and their people has funded more than 65,000 vaccines through the Go Give One movement. Benevity has also launched giving opportunities on its Community Impact Portal where anyone can support the effort.

“Ending the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide needs support from governments, nonprofits, businesses and as many people as we can collectively reach,” says Anil Soni, CEO of the WHO Foundation. “Partnering with Benevity is an opportunity to engage with more corporations to activate their networks and leverage their platform to efficiently deliver the funds safely to our fiscal partners around the world. We are calling on individuals to help end COVID-19, together making sure we get vaccines to everyone everywhere.”

“If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that our global community doesn’t experience crisis equally,” said Kelly Schmitt, CEO of Benevity. “Last year, businesses rose to the occasion by using their reach and resources to get us through a once-in-a-lifetime event. Our work is not over yet: WHO Foundation’s Go Give One campaign is yet another opportunity for corporations to lead a global movement to ensure everyone has access to vaccines for themselves or their loved ones, regardless of place or race.”

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