BidMind Launches Improved Geofencing Feature – GeoNow

BidMind, a leading programmatic advertising platform, has announced the release of its new geofencing feature, GeoNow. GeoNow, which is being made available worldwide, is a powerful advertising tool for in-app, web, and CTV ad environments that can lend a critical helping hand to physical retail and service locations struggling to make the most of limited foot traffic during pandemic times. What makes GeoNow stand out is that it provides users the option of running geofencing on multiple platforms simultaneously. With GeoNow, businesses have the ability to make the most of their marketing budgets, and advertisers have the power to directly connect customers with businesses whenever they are nearby each other.

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Geofencing is a technology that triggers actions in eligible smart devices when they fall within a defined geographic radius. GeoNow enables advertisers to deliver audio, in-app, CTV, and web ads upon prompting by its geofencing technology. With this, businesses are able to focus more on their local communities and the people they see on a daily basis. It opens new avenues for local stores and businesses to set up multi-level campaigns to improve engagement between them and their potential customers.

Reid Mitnick, Director of Sales and Business Development at BidMind, commented:

We understand that many offline businesses are still reeling from the loss in revenue caused by the pandemic, with many businesses struggling to this day. We developed GeoNow as a solution for companies of all types, especially those which are struggling to get their in-person business back in full swing to be able to effectively deliver their brand messages to people nearby. We are confident that this tool will prove very useful to physical retail and service providers in adapting to pandemic challenges.

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