Blockboard Launches BlockAI for Smarter, More Effective CTV Campaigns

Enhanced platform combines blockchain and AI to deliver verified views and combat fraud

Blockboard, the outcomes-based programmatic marketing platform, released BlockAI, the newest version of its core offering. BlockAI marries the protective quality of blockchain with the accelerating power of artificial intelligence to create more precise and faster campaign targeting. By verifying and validating all counted campaign views, it drastically reduces ad spend from waste and fraud, and improves return on investment.

ANA has reported that waste and fraud is leading to nearly 25% loss of ad budgets, showing just how significant a gain the industry would achieve by eradicating it. BlockAI begins by addressing the blatant issues of fraud, such as bots being used to consume ad dollars, and extends into other areas of wastage including domain spoofing, non-viewable impressions, misplaced ads, frequency overlap, and more.

“AI will need blockchain to ensure the critical auditing necessary for data security and the provenance of materials–such as the product, logistics, the ad itself–is genuine,” said Rishad Tobaccowala, author and strategic advisor. “Most importantly this combination will foster the trust that is key to everything, including brands.”

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To test the results of BlockAI, Blockboard leveraged its client base for real-world outcomes. The returns have been significant, including a reduction in cost per order by over 50% and a more than doubling of online sales. These results demonstrate the potential for future campaigns and highlight the effectiveness of BlockAI in improving advertising efficiency and ROI.

“Our mission with Blockboard is to build the market’s best and most reliable tool for delivering better campaign outcomes by eliminating waste and fraud,” said Matt Wasserlauf, CEO, Blockboard. “With the release of BlockAI, we are taking another leap forward in realizing that vision. The transformative results our clients are already experiencing show the power of combining AI and blockchain. We are passionate about setting a new standard in the industry, ensuring that brands’ campaigns achieve genuine engagement and bottom line impact.”

Blockboard uses refined audience segments and real-time data assessments to ensure ads run on the most relevant websites and channels. As the campaigns are running, Blockboard is continually assessing and applying learnings from consumer interactions across channels to drive even more optimization. This deep analysis and finetuning of campaign touchpoints along the customer journey helps the technology better understand ad interaction and conversion drivers. By adding AI to this mix, BlockAI delivers these results faster and more efficiently.

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