Carzato and AutoLeadStar Announce Partnership


Carzato, a leader in automotive online services, announces its partnership with AutoLeadStar (ALST) to offer superior media buying services for dealerships.

“We wanted the best-in-class online advertising with cutting-edge artificial intelligence on our digital retailing experience and we achieved just that with AutoLeadStar, says Carzato Co-Founder and CEO, Javier O. Ruiz. “This partnership helps dealerships maximize their sales both on the lot and online, regardless of COVID-19 or any future unforeseen circumstances.”

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The AutoLeadStar Platform is built on a technology so powerful it allows dealers to market, sell, and service cars as they would in the real world, at scale and online, making 1:1 matches between shoppers and inventory.

AutoLeadStar CEO, Aharon Horwitz, states; “To compete and win business on the internet today, you need a pretty robust and sophisticated strategy. It’s very hard to do this manually and it becomes a bottomless pit of frustration and missed opportunity. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to work with Carzato’s Online Retailing Experience to increase dealership sales efficiencies.”

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In a recent dealership case study, the implementation of Carzato’s digital retailing solution was shown to increase dealers’ Close Rate to Sale by 18%, significantly decrease their cost per lead by 81%, and skyrocket their Total Number of Leads by 382%.

Carzato is able to provide a unique platform that utilizes online technology together with artificial intelligence to level the playing field of a highly competitive car market. Carzato’s proprietary digital retailing experience is fully scalable, modular and includes: