Cherry Creek Now Streaming with WideOrbit

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Small Market Radio Station Group Launches WideOrbit’s WO Streaming to Monetize Digital Audio Station Streams

WideOrbit Inc., the platform for connecting ads and audiences everywhere, said that Cherry Creek Media radio stations are now offering digital audio streams online of their broadcast content with WideOrbit’s WO Streaming platform.

Cherry Creek Media owns and operates 52 music, news and talk radio stations in twelve markets in Washington, Utah, Arizona, Montana, and Colorado. While some of its broadcast content was already streamed over the internet, changing audience behavior and the desire to serve a higher quality listening experience fueled its decision to tap WideOrbit as its technology partner for digital streaming.

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“Thanks to smart speakers and improved wireless connectivity in the Mountain states, our audiences are increasingly consuming radio content with digital devices. Our job is to help listeners access our stations on any device, then provide advertisers with robust tools for engaging them,” said Travis L. Cronen, VP, director of operations and information technology at Cherry Creek Media. “WO Streaming will help us deliver a high-quality listening experience, monetize listeners across platforms, and generate reporting on our audiences that will make our stations’ programming and advertising inventory more valuable.”

“Cherry Creek’s corporate team are radio veterans who recognize that the business potential of digital audio streaming isn’t just for the largest media companies any more. By offering more options to reach audiences and inviting listeners to access their content in new ways, Cherry Creek is set up to continue its success as a provider of local media far into the future,” said Eric R. Mathewson, founder and CEO at WideOrbit.

Mathewson continued, “Radio stations in markets of all sizes need to find ways to reach audiences and advertisers on every platform. We are honored that media companies that operate in smaller markets like Cherry Creek see WO Streaming as a basis for revenue growth and technical excellence.”

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