Comscore Introduces Its New Transformed Brand

The Advertising Ecosystem Is More Fragmented and Dynamic Since Comscore Was Founded Almost 20 Years Ago

Comscore has evolved — pioneering new ways for their partners to use data to transform the way they grow their businesses.

Today, they are excited to share the next phase in the evolution of their brand.

How they got here

First, they listened. In more than 100 conversations with their partners across the media and marketing ecosystem, they learned how they are perceived today, and what their partners aspire to build with them in the future.

They then turned inward, talking to colleagues across nearly every team and geography. From these conversations, they uncovered a common thread: both their people and their partners embrace Comscore’s role as a pioneering company in audience measurement and are exceptionally passionate about their ability to bring trust and transparency to media and marketing, empowering businesses to use data to drive growth.

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As Comscore has evolved over the years, their core focus continues to be solving complex challenges as an independent source of truth and information in measurement.

Bringing it together

Their new logo needed to reflect and retain both their own history and the history of the advertising industry, while also embracing the realities of the current advertising ecosystem and their vision for where media is headed.

While their new logo may look familiar, the changes reflect a significant shift in the world in which they operate and their focused, yet simplified approach to operating within that world.

Like their last logo, they still see the overlapping of screens — the orange and the blue. These are the foundational components of the logo and represent the multitude of independent screens that make up the marketing ecosystem.

But unlike their previous logo, the shapes have been simplified and sharpened to evoke precision and accuracy.

The updated logo mark also spotlights the most focal layer to the story: the solid red center. This intersection is the heart of the new advertising ecosystem and where consumers are — fluid and pervasive. It’s not just about one screen versus another, it’s about understanding the fluidity overlap, to gain deeper precision on audience and insights.

This is where Comscore feels the measurement and the advertising industry needs to be — to simplify the complex media landscape and to help their partners focus on the core of connecting meaningfully, efficiently and effectively with their consumers.

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Simple and Modern

In addition to a refreshed logo, they’ve modernized and simplified their brand all around.

While what they do is complex, that doesn’t mean that the way they communicate needs to be. In fact, their partners trust them to help them by providing meaningful data to bring research out of the back room so that they can make decisions with confidence.

A small, yet poignant, example of removing unnecessary complexity: the previously capitalized “S” in their name is now lowercase.

They’ve also introduced simpler fonts and more modern, vibrant colors. These new treatments come to life in their product UIs as well, making their data easier to navigate.

Onwards and Upwards

Steadfast on their mission to help partners navigate the present and future of media, they recognize that reliable, impartial insights can be a catalyst for change. The same pioneering spirit that led to Comscore’s position as a first-mover in digital audience measurement continues to motivate their efforts as they look toward the next big challenge facing the industry.

It is in this combination of their past experiences and future ambitions that they reaffirm their identity and their reason for being. They look forward to continuing to be a transformative source for data and measurement as the media landscape continues to evolve in new, complex, and exciting ways.

Comscore’s new look was developed by Firstborn, a NYC-based design and innovation agency.

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