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Digital Remedy Launches AdReady+, a Groundbreaking Digital Advertising Management Platform

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Digital Remedy announced the launch of AdReady+, an industry-changing self-service platform designed to support independent agency success in navigating digital advertising management, from campaign planning, RFPs, media execution, to insightful reporting. AdReady+ offers a single source of truth for agencies seeking to balance demands of the marketplace with the pressure to provide clients with real-time, intelligent campaign performance reports. Built with media planning and execution in mind, Digital Remedy—a leader in data-powered technology and solutions for marketers—believes AdReady+ is the future of digital.

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As the industry evolves and money flows into digital channels for programmatic purchases from linear formats, agencies are experiencing a resource crunch and shrinking margins. Today, agencies have to manage multiple vendors to create reports for clients, which makes planning an endless challenge. AdReady+ addresses these pain points with a single solution to access the entire digital ecosystem — from initial planning to the final campaign report. By leveraging AdReady+, agencies can tap into the stack of 300+ platforms, inventory sources, and data offerings and Digital Remedy partners to plan, buy, report on, and optimize campaigns, all while reducing overhead costs and time spent on campaign management.

“With more companies shifting programmatic in-house and agencies struggling to address the pressures of managing platforms and vendors to create unique proposals for client initiatives while combating margin compression, they simply don’t have the resources to do it all,” said David Zapletal, Chief Innovation & Media Officer at Digital Remedy. “We created AdReady+ as a full-service ad tech platform that leverages our 20+ years of data and experience to deliver more intelligent media plans that drive better outcomes, which means happier agencies and clients in service of bottom-line results through world-class media performance with better control of campaigns.”

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AdReady+ reduces the time needed to plan, execute, and report on digital media, reversing the cycle of increasing client demands that agencies struggle to meet with fewer resources and reduced margins. It guides users through each step of digital advertising management, moving seamlessly from the initial RFP and planning stages to IO management, trafficking, insights, reporting, and optimization. It’s truly an end-to-end solution that puts agencies in control, delivering precise planning, execution, and reporting capabilities backed by advanced technology, data, and assets from Digital Remedy.

“The bottom line is that AdReady+ eliminates media planning and campaign reporting stress by giving agencies instant access to a vast array of products so they can focus on the bigger picture with clients, and stay ahead of competitors,” said Mike Seiman, CEO and founder of Digital Remedy. “In our beta testing phase, 55% of agencies who saw our pitch signed up — a huge participation—because they understood the ground-breaking potential of AdReady+ and wanted that competitive edge. AdReady+ is one platform to rule them all; it takes media performance to the next level.”

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